Thursday, November 29, 2007


1. Completing my last semester of college course registration online...check.
2. Going to Graduate Analysis department and switching the department codes to get back 6 S.H on two "non-countable" courses AND making sure that all I have to do now is fill out my degree application in February and finish up this year's classes...check.
3. Updating my Etsy shop, swifting skeins, and mailing them out the next day...check.
4. Finishing book 1 of 2 for another 10+ paper due in a week...check.
5. Beginning to study for my Botany lab exam on Weds...check.
6. Knitting a few more inches of my sock for the club...check.
7. Being a dummy and missing Project runway, despite me being in my room...check.
8. Shaving my legs, slipping, sliding across gross public shower floor, cutting up my elbow deeply and probably fracturing the tip of the bone...check.

It looks like those few people are going to have a really easy chance to win....
Tomorrow afternoon/evening, I call the winner for a free set of my new stitch markers.

See post below for more details.


Alyssa said...

you slid across the floor??? You poor thing!!

Sarah said...

Oooh, we're in the running for stitch markers! I guess I'm particularly slow this week:) Hurray!

Anonymous said...

I've done #8! (Except I was shampooing overzealously and it was my ankle that got hurt. Also a shower flipflop went into the adjacent shower.)

Hope your elbow feels better and doesn't interrupt your knitting/stitch marker making!