Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday, Part 2: The Knits

KNITTING UP A STORM HAS A WHOLE NEW LOOK! (...and subname.). I'm soo excited about this fresh new & interesting look. It's way more me now. Everything is up and running like before, but better! What do you think?

So here is my pathetic attempt at knitting this week. Not much, huh?

SO, here you see the "Sweet as Candy" cardi that I'm knitting up for my pregnant friend, who's due any day. The pattern will be up soon. I cannot even imagine the uncomfortableness she is enduring these last couple of weeks. She's due July 27th, but you all know that kids like to make dramatic entrances sometimes...

Well, this *was* my "Gryffindor Rox" tank I was making for the movies. Too bad it's a little big. It's such a shame that I'm always miscounting from the beginning, and find out 1/3 until i'm done. Remember "Victoria" that I was designing too? Adios amigas!
The sock.
Can't say too much here. Joe's probably looking at this by accident as it is. I'm pretty sure he knows it's a sock... but he doesn't know the tweaks on it...
Yup, that's a golden maragrrrrrrita!
Double fisting, the knitter way.

Sorry about the lame writting. I need some shut eye.
Don't forget to look at Part 1. That was the highlight of the day!

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