Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just a Quickie...

Here's just a quickie post before bed.

I did the gusset up to the point right here, today. I was a little disappointed that the hearts didn't end 1/2 an inch further up. Oh well, I still have some tricks up my sleeve.
My hands are sore. My back is cramped.
It's time for bed.
Back to some more Harry Potter. Can you believe that I didn't even crack open the 7th yet? And this is coming from quite an impatient person! No, I'm still trudging through the 6th book before the 7th, to make sure those little important details are fresh in my noggin'. I didn't even open it to see how many pages there are, lest I find out something from the last page that I shouldn't have...yet.
I swear, if someone blows it for me (little details/events or big)... that shall be their last breath. lol. I'm just waiting for the media to blow it. Seriously. I'll eye-boycott their show if they do. I really want the entire 7th book to be a surprise.
Don't even tell me how good the book is, or how "surprising" the ending is... or whatever. I don't want to know. And yes, I would be directing this mostly to Liz.

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Macoco said...

I'm worried about the ending being spoiled for me as well! Although I'm pretty sure it will be by the time I actually get around to reading the book. I have to reread everything since it's been so long - and I'm only on book 2. :(