Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unique Basketweave Washcloth (KUAS Original Pattern)

Updated 7/20/12:  Errata in red.
*Designed by Anna Peck
Pattern PDF


This pattern is all about revamping something classic: a basket-weave stitch. You'll find this washcloth to be delightful to knit up because of its small & large boxes interwoven together and it’s reversible!
Level: Easy

Yarn: approx. 60-70 yds (or 60g) of a worsted weight Cotton yarn (Lily's Sugar 'N Cream Yarn used in pattern)
Needles: Size 6US straight needles, 1 darning needle & crochet needle "I" or smaller
Gauge: 5.5 sts & 8 rows=1'' Cloth measurements: 7 3/4'' wide & approx. 8'' tall

Pattern Abbreviations: k=knit p=purl CO=cast on BO=bind off sts=stitches


WASHCLOTH DIRECTIONS:CO 35 sts onto straight needles using your preferred cast-on method.

1. Seed stitch (*k1,p1,k1*) for 5 rows.
2. Follow the "Basketweave Pattern" instructions 1-12 three times, plus rows 1-4.
3. Seed-stitch 5 more rows.
4. BO loosely. Block, if necessary.
5. Optional crocheted loop at edge: Don't cut the yarn after binding off. Use the working yarn to single crochet a loop measuring 2'' at the corning of the washcloth. Fold the loop & secure with a knot.
6. Weave in any ends.

The Basketweave Pattern:

Rows 1 & 3: K1,p1,k1, *p5,k3* until last 8 sts; p5, k1,p1,k1.
Rows 2 & 4: K1,p1,k1, *k5, p3* until last 8 sts; k6,p1,k1.

Row 5: K1, p1, k1, knit straight across the row until the last 3sts; k1,p1,k1.
Rows 6, 8, 10: K1,p1,k1, *p5,k3* until last 8 sts; p5,k1,p1,k1.
Rows 7, 9, 11: K1,p1,k1, *k5,p3* until last 8 sts; k6,p1,k1.
Row 12: K1, p1, k1, purl straight across the row until the last 3sts; k1,p1,k1.

Do not copy or sell this pattern or its finished products. This free knitting pattern was distributed by Anna Peck at: http://www.knitting-up-a-storm.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kuasdesigns.wordpress.com/. If you have any questions or concerns, use the comment page below, or email me at: knittingupastorm@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

Luv your Uniques Basketweave Cloth.

I'm trying to knit it up but it doesn't look like the photos. In your photos it looks like garter st and on mine it looks like reversed stockingette.. As I understand it, I knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts for 6 rows then revese it for 10 rows. Hope you can point me in the right direction.



Anonymous said...

I just found your basketweave cloth pattern and I think that all right side rows should be done in knit stitch between the seed stitch borders. This way you do get garter stitch on the front instead of reverse stockinette. Am I right?
Less purl stitches to do!


Anonymous said...

You can leave out the "purl straight" row in between the pattern one and two sections.


Knitting Up A Storm said...

Hey Monique,
Thanks for addressing your concerns about the pattern. I'm gonna take a closer look at the pattern when I'm home from work.

I'm in the process of updating all of my patterns... and since it's a washcloth, I will knit the thing againg to test out if there are "kinks" and turn the updated pattern into a pdf.

I'll post another comment when it's finished. Thanks for your help! This pattern is pretty dated (from the beginning of my knitting designing & knitting career...and there might be some errors).

Jeanie said...

I just finished the washcloth and i love it, i did the garter stitch border as my seed stitch borders always curl.
Thanks for the pattern.

Jeanie said...

I just finished this washcloth and i love it. I used the garter stitch border as when i use seed stitch borders, they curl.

Unknown said...

am having a problem w/seed stitch--35 doesn't divide by 3. My border on the bottom just looks like a mess. Do you literally mean, k1p1k1 and then k1p1k1? What do you do with the last 2 stitches. The rest of the pattern works great. I love the basketweave look.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

The parentheses is just telling you what seed stitch is, so you will have two left over, and you will be p1, and k1 into them. Seed stitch on straights always does the *k1,p1,k1....* on the next side as well.