Monday, March 26, 2007

Under $5

Well, my entry for the knitting challenge is complete. I present, "Under $5!" This summery sweater was supposed to have other cool options, like buttons and straps to life up the sleeves and bottom ribbing a bit with sewed on snaps, but I decided against it, so that I can wear it off the shoulders as well. I'll save those for a summery sweater that doesn't have ribbing on the bottom. Then it could be more "convertable."

It looks better on a person. I'll try it on tomorrow and take some more pics for you all.

*I will write up the pattern once the challenge is over this month. You gotta wait patiently for a week and a half. I will also add a few more free patterns, since I'm bummed that no one wants to participate in the "free patterns for charity knits" organization. So, i'm just gonna post the patterns on my blog, and hope that you still knit for charity, nonetheless. :) Oh, don't go looking for the link to the charity knits.... it's ... gone, now that i'm posting my patterns.

Here are some progress pics. I didn't really take much this time. Amazing, huh? Me not taking so many progress pics. Somethings definately wrong with that concept! ; )

And this brown number is the new fake-a-gamo, which will have awesome fake leather (textured vinal) on the top. The fake leather will also be used for handles. Don't forget the silky liner!!


Anonymous said...

Those 2 colors look great together! Can't wait to see it on!


Ilix said...

YAY what a great sweater! You have to share the mods! Pleeeeeeeeeeese?