Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scrumptiously soft & wonderfully real

Storytime! That Trip to the LYS:

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So, ok. Today was a pleasant, warm and breezy Saturday.

Me and my fioncé biked to Starbucks, and decided to bike to the LYS that's about a 10ish minute (uphill!!) bike from his apartment. Yeah, i'm out of biking shape, but that wasn't entirely the problem.

Anyways, we finally make it to the knitting shop, and it starts to drizzle, ever so slightly. oh crap. We walk in the shop, and the lady running the shop tells me that she is actually closed, but if I needed something fast, I could get it. So, I told her my intentions with the tanktop-- that I need some cottony green yarn, and something with the texture of lacey yarn. That took a little while. Prices were steep, so I chose something with the most bang for the buck. So, I grabbed two 100g skeins of Cascade Yarns: Sierra (80% prima cotton & 20% merino wool) and finally foud some (unfortunately darker) "Misty Alpaca" yarn (100% baby alpaca).
$23 dollars later (OUCH!! poor college student), we left...... it was.....POURING OUT!! (with lightening). Yeah, oh crap.

It was definately pouring.... and flooding. We biked as hard as we could to his apartment. Luckily, it was mostly all down hill by that point. However, the rain was sooo cold!
Soaked to the bone for at least 8 minutes by now, with the chilly wind, it starts to HAIL! By this point I was screaming at the sting on the face from the hail, the cold from the soaking wet clothing, rain flooding the streets, and the lightening nearby.
We finally get home, dripping wet as we walk in. The water just drains from our clothing. I finally (after some labor) got my sopping clothing off of me, and hit the hot shower. I'm just praying that we don't get sick.

The Moral of the story: There is nothing wrong with going to the LYS in April. However, there is something wrong with your noggin' if you think a perfectly beautiful day won't turn on you in a blink. You better bring a car next time...not a bike! lol. ;)

Hopefully I bought enough yarn for the tank-top, and I don't get sick in a day or two. My lungs still burn a little hour later.


KnittingHawkeye said...

can you wind the hanks? Also, there is a new yarn store behind the co-op in Coralville. We need to check it out when I get back. Drink lots of tea & sleep!

KnittingHawkeye said...

I've known about the Harlot for quite sometime. I LOVE her blog! I just wish I could meet her. =) She seems like she would be sweet & querky in person. Thanks for adding me. I keep adding more blogs to the list & haven't organised them yet. =/

Knitting Up A Storm said...

If you're talking about how messy the hanks look... they came like that, unfortunately. I was a little turned off by the presentation of it, but I was in no possition to be fussy to the lady that is letting me buy yarn on off-work hours.

KnittingHawkeye said...

no no no
do you have the tools to wind the hanks?

KnittingHawkeye said...

btw I could be really mean with a joke. . . . =P