Friday, August 12, 2016

Wilstem Ranch pt. 1

I'm blogging live from a historic 1910 ranch house where I am spending this week at during my husband's annual family reunion. If you read about the Wistem Ranch, you will find that Theodore Roosevelt and many music artists have spent some time here as well, hunting or lodging.

This home (the visible right side of the ranch is a 2-story extension on the 1910 building to fit 6 additional rooms) has many charms---antique furniture, original bathrooms (one in particular that looks like a torture chamber), double-sided fireplace/hearth and hardwood and stone flooring.

This barn sits behind the building.  
This is the dining room to the original part of the ranch. 

This living room (or what I image would be almost like a brandy & cigar room) is behind the dining room. And yes, the red leather couches are very comfortable. There's a bookshelf of antique novels not visible in the photo. 
Off the living room is this den, which I've been using liberally for a backdrop to my current completed projects.

There's a cute little shack 20 feet away. I'm not sure if they actually use it for anything.
And a nice little wood shed near the house.

About 10 minutes away, there is a tiny, tiny 1 block town called French Lick. If you blink, you might actually miss the town.
We stopped for ice-cream.
 I had a caramel macchiatto coffee and a maple and bacon ice-cream scoop. It was actually (oddly) good.

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