Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flax Light #1 (and the Kindergarten send-off)

It's a happy and sad time at our household. My baby boys have finally gone off to Kindergarten. I am so conflicted--I have been waiting for the day when I get uninterrupted free time to catch up on work, piano practice, cleaning, knitting, etc...but I have always been around my boys, and it will be hard to let them grow up in school and not around me now. Between me teaching 3 evenings a week, and their after school taekwondo activity, our time is much more limited than ever. They are going to grow up so fast now!

I have decided to knit the boys the Flax Light sweater to wrap them in warmth from my love and stitches this fall. One will be knit with Paton's Kroy Socks in the "flax" colorway, and the other with Lion Brand's Sock-Ease yarn in the "Snow Cone" colorway. I'm already in love with the interesting garter sleeve panel texture. Such a simple element, yet sleek.
The boys did not cry or whine or plead me to keep them home. They happily went off on that yellow school bus that they've been waiting to ride for years. I had half a mind to follow the school bus all the way to school, but decided against it.
My boys are growing up so fast, but still have baby faces in my eyes. How can they be old enough for a 6 hour school? Between that and the bus rides, that's 7 hours a day.
I wish them all the happiness school can offer. I wish that they will enjoy it as much as I did as a girl, and that they are granted every opportunity in life that they set their hearts and mind to. Mommy loves ya, babes!

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