Friday, December 04, 2015

Prism Cowl and eye-candy

Happy Friday, Everyone!
Here's another WIP that's been on the back-burner until I finish a couple of holiday gifts:
It's a simple cowl that is larger on the base and will decrease a little as it's knit. I was doing garter strips that got taller as it is knit up.

I've been saving this skein for years that was gifted to me from a relative who works at a yarn shop in the Seattle area. It's very expensive yarn, and I was contemplating what I could knit that would do it (and the price) justice. Eventually, I just figured that a soft cowl would have to be good enough and to stop saving the yarn for some "worthier project."

What makes this yarn so pricey? Well, they tie several different novelty yarns, along with natural fibers together. There's even mohair in there. Word of warning will see all those tied joins and it will have to be part of your knit look.

The yarn can be a little hard to work with at times, but it's a very soft knit.

It's a very large skein of yarn, so when I wound it up, I had to make two cakes.

It makes gorgeous photos though...

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