Thursday, December 31, 2015

FO: Sweet November Shawl

I'm excited to announce that I completed a decently large object before the new year rings in. 

Project: Sweet November Shawl by Caryl Pierre (inspired by the shawl in the movie Sweet November)
Needles: Size US 10.5
Mods: Since this yarn is bulky, and to not fret about not having enough fringe yarn, I stopped the increases when I reached 157 sts. 
Pattern Review: It is a very nice, very simple lace pattern for beginners to advanced knitters. I highly recommend this fast knit.

My 5-year old son was the photographer of all of these portrait type photos, except for me in the mirror. He's got quite an eye. He told me to make sure that I hold my wings out strong, like a bird! lol!
 It's a very trendy shawl (or scarf).
On my KUAS facebook group page, I had some requests to show action photos of me blocking this shawl out with my new blocking wires from Knitpicks.

Basically, I stuck the wire evenly throughout the cast-off edge and selvage edge (I needed to use more than one wire per side) and then stretched it out as much as I could and pinned it down similar to how you would without the wires. The blocking wires makes your edge much straighter and less wave-like, so I do recommend trying them out. It was a little bit of a pain trying to stick a thick, blunt wire through wet, bulky yarn though.

What's started on the needles for the New Year?
A chunky Seed Stitch hat using Lopi wool in a steel type of color.
Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and day! 

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