Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Woolies emerge

It's that time again: the cozy woolies emerge from a long hibernation during the warm months.

It's a cold reminder of how freezing last winter was, and how much I should have been knitting new woolies during the past few months knowing that this winter could be just as bad. Or worse.

Remember that entire winter last year (and I'm not talking about YOU, southern states and countries... lucky ducks), walking outside and cursing under your breath because it felt inhaling daggers down your throat? You know, the winter that kept the snow on the ground the entire three months and was nearly -25 degrees F the whole time? The one that was bad enough that we had to drip water so that the pipes wouldn't freeze and burst? Yeah, repressed that a bit, didn't you?

Well, fall is in full bloom, but winter is coming, and my knitter's instinct is kicking in: "Crap! Hurry up, I'm late to the winter-knitting game!"

Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying strutting around in my fox thermal shirt while wearing my "Frozen River Slouch" and "Double Looped Scarf" while trying to forget that the temperature may drop so low tonight that my tomato garden might not recover tomorrow.

What's your favorite go-to knit that you have made in the past?

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