Monday, October 27, 2014

KUAS Pattern: Lovely Cords

Good news! The I-Cord necklace has a name: Lovely Cords!

I  was able to scrounge up enough time to add it to the KUAS Designs Ravelry shop. It's a quick and easy project, so it's only listed for $1.99!

Lovely Cords is a fusion of knitting and beading. The hardware that is put at the back of the necklace really makes the project pop and gives it a more professional, finished look. Don’t be surprised if people ask you were you bought this necklace.

Yarn: Approx. 40-45 yds of Louisa Harding’s Thalia (or any ribbon yarn in a semi-bulky weight with a recommended needle size of US11) Pattern seen in “Eggplant.”

Wonder knitter tool:  with a 3-pin dial piece.
(You can knit the I-cord using double-pointed needles [dpns])
Optional: two size US 10.5dpns

Jewelry Hardware & Tools:
Two flat-nose pliers,  two 6’’ lengths of  7-strand beading wire (.45mm), 2 large cone beads (the bigger the better), 2 bead spacers, 4 bead crimps, three jump rings,  two 4.5’’ lengths of metal jewelry chain, 1 clasp, and a decorative flower with a twist-tie glued onto the back.

Try to get all of the beading materials in the same metallic shade.
Will you be one of people who will win a KUAS pattern tonight at the online  Halloween Knitting PARTY at7pm (CT)? 

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