Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FO: apron!

I'm so proud of my first real sewing project, I'm just gonna copy & paste my post from my new sewing blog, the Stitch Novice, instead of teasing you with one photo:

Done! I completed it yesterday, before dropping myself onto my bed in a vegetative mode to prop up my complaining foot (I had surgery on it to take out part of my outer bone, two weeks ago). I didn't have too many bumps on the road, but it wasn't all idiot-proof.

Project: Stitch 'n Save M6536 Apron
Start Date: June 17th, 2012
Finish Date:  June 19th, 2012
Store: Joann Fabrics (pattern & fabric)
Fabric: Cotton
Yardage: 1.5 yards- main color, 1 fabric quarter- contrast

When it came to doing the top of the apron, where the orange fabric is, I had to fudge it around so it fit correctly. Either I cut the pattern wrong in width, or maybe it was supposed to fit like that..who knows, but to me it seemed like a red-flag zone. I felt like it should be longer in height.

The tubing on the armpits also gave me some trouble. The instructions wasn't clear enough for a newbie like me. After sewing the wrong sides together and flipping it over...and then sewing it to the other side, the tubing was pretty narrow on the outer-most edges for the apron tie that had to be threaded through it.

Sewing the Pockets to the apron.

Stitching on the pockets: not so bad?
I decided not to do the rickrack ribbon and such embellishments that the pattern called for. I'm much too simple in taste for that. I just went plain-Jane and let the contrast fabric and one piece of orange ribbon do all of the talking. I think it looks a little more sophisticated that way, even in a cutesy fabric pattern.

Other alterations to the pattern were: going size Medium on the chest and size Large for the body of the apron, and also shortening this apron by around 2 inches (it's still pretty long). 

Rolled up Apron tie. Love it!

On to my next mission: that sexy red dress number!


knittingdragonflies said...

Oh Wow! I love this pattern, and the fabrics you picked out!!
I own a juicer and it flings juice bits out onto my front when I'm standing there, I've been searching for an apron, and this one is just right!!
Love it!

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thanks, Vicki!
I got your other comments on the other blog too. :) The elastic is pretty worn, and I was chubbier in the 6th grade than I was in 8th grade or High School so it evened out in the end. I definitely want to make another pair too! Thanks for the compliments.