Monday, June 18, 2012

The Stitch Novice

Hey gang,
While I've been couped up on the couch...not doing a whole lot besides reading "Mockingjay," "A Million Pieces," "Ash" and now "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan," (I haven't been inspired to pick up any of my WIPs lately, although a couple are on the brink of being finished--it's just too hot), I've been itching to try out sewing. I know how to thread the machine and sew simple things like pillowcases...but following patterns and making form-fitting things, well, I'm a newbie! I actually had both grandmothers over at one time, and we all decided to head out to Joann Fabrics with the twins (yeah, they really don't like the store. boys.) so I could pick out an easy pattern to start with. Yup, I crutched around the store. Boy did I start getting a Charlie-horse by the time I was waiting for the fabric to be cut.

Anyways, I picked out two patterns: an apron & a sexy red dress number. I'm starting with the apron first, of course, although both are supposedly easy. Supposedly.

I've started a side-blog, "the Stitch Novice" ( to document my adventures in sewing so I don't clutter this blog with too many non-knitting things. Come check it out in it's infancy...there's a few posts already.

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