Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quick Holiday Knit: Doubled Looped Scarf Pattern

Well, I planned on posting two patterns, but I hope this is sufficient for those of you who still need a 1-2 day knit for a last-minute chic gift. Have a very Merry Christmas and holidays, everyone! Enjoy this super-duper easy and fast pattern! I'm off to brew some hot cocoa and do the annual snowy drive-around in the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights with my hubby!

Doubled Looped Scarf Pdf (links to Ravelry) 
Skill: EASY
TYPES: Seed Stitch & Garter Scarves

Needles: 1 skein (240yds) bulky yarn in Main Color. 10-20 yds in contrast color for the border.
Needles: size US15 circular needle (29'') & darning needle.
Hook: size K or N

GUAGE: approx. 5 sts=2''

MEASUREMENTS: 47'' circumference

K=knit P=purl ST(S)=stitch(es) RD=round


KnittySue said...

Beautiful scarf, thanks for the pattern.
Merry Christmas

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thanks!! ;) A merry Christmas to you too!

Ginger said...

I love this but when I clicked on the pattern I was given a message that it was not there!! Help!

SanDslnrs said...

Hi Ginger....click on the link right below the picture...it's in red or pink and it'll take you to Ravelry to download.

Love this pattern. Can't wait to try it! Thank you !!!

HC said...

Does this cowl fit over your head also or would you need to make it wider or/and longer? Thanks

Knitting Up A Storm said...

It's already large in length...it loops twice. You can make it as wide as you want, just add more seed stitch (*k1,p1,k1*)

Bmoves said...

We were excited to try this but it seemed to get taller and taller but never wider. On the model it looks like it has a huge opening. Ours looked like a long tube. Anyone else have luck with it?

Knitting Up A Storm said...

This pattern is a long tube. The 99 sts worked in the rd is the width, and when you knit in seed for 5.5 inches, that's the height. you have to manually wrap the tube twice when it's done to get that look...it's that easy of a pattern.

Bmoves said...

Thanks for the quick reply. Question, should it be knitted flat and then joined in the round? Mine is turning out like a long tubular noodle, not long and thin like the pictures.

Ms. Anna said...

NO, it's one way or another. You still need to use circular needles to achieve it since you cast on 99sts. You can work it row-by-row in the seed or garter stitch, then sew the edges together. I would read through the instructions again because it resembles more of a doughnut shape than a noodle. If you don't knit in the round and just work it flat, if it doesn't resemble a 99st wide scarf sewn together, it's not right.