Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Double-looped Scarf

double looped scarf
I've been knitting a little bit on some thank you gifts for some people who really were too gracious in giving us wedding gifts the past couple of months. We appreciate their thoughtfulness, so I'd like to give them something warm and hand-knit. I'm knitting each of the three ladies my "double-looped scarf" that really is a fast and easy knit. I'll upload the pattern to it in the near future. It's a great pattern for holiday knits in a pinch!
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Double looped scarf
Seriously, you could knit this bad boy up in a day or two, tops.
double looped scarf
This pattern is versatile. You not only can loop in around to make a scarf, but you can wear it down with a peacoat and still look great. If you made it wider, you would even wear it on your head to cover your ears on a real frosty day. I'm a Chicagoan, so that's definitely an option!

double looped scarf
It was really important to me that the project was soft, chunky, and a quick-knit, and seemed to be something off of a runway, since a large looped scarf is "in." Apparently. I'm just glad that all sorts of knits are still really in, quite frankly.
double looped scarf
It's great even without a coat.
double looped scarf
I love the texture to it. Seed Stitch is such a wonderful pattern. You can make so many great things using it.
double looped scarf
Something else is brewing, but...guys and gals, I'm off to Olive Garden for Joe and my 1st month anniversary as a married couple! Can you believe that it's been a whole month?


Alice McElwee said...

That scarf is really very lovely! I may have to try one for this Christmas, even though it doesn't really get that cold in Texas. I could send one to a friend that lives in MD though. It looks beautiful, great job.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like it! When's the pattern coming out.... I have some girlfriends who would looooove this!

shelley said...

I saw your post on crafters and clicked over to have a look at your blog. I am not very crafty but I would LOVE the pattern too. I have 2 ladies in mind that I would love to make that for Christmas! I am eagerly looking forward to the pattern so I can get on it! Especially if there is a circular needle involved. I never used that!
Thanks in advance for your co operation!