Sunday, June 28, 2009


BSJ front outside

Well, the BSJ finally has buttons sewn onto it (about darn time, I know), and I'm more than happy to say that this was a successful baby knit. Here's the first post of this project.

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Baby Surprise Jacket"
Yarn: 1 skein Bernat's Baby Jacquards in "Berries & Cream"
Gauge: 6sts=1''
Needles: Size 7, with Knitpicks' interchangeable needles
Project: June 9-14, 2009

BSJ sleeves folded-geometric

I finished the sewing by doing a 3-needle bind off, which turned out really nice & sharp! It's a good substitution for an i-cord edge look, and really makes the top pop, if you will. (The best photo to see this is the first one.)

I wanted to show you a little snippet on how geometrical this jacket's stripes can be while folded. I really like the photo above, how it forms boxes. The photo below is more diagonal.

BSJ sleeves folded

BSJ Back 2

The back, in case you were interested. It's good to get a feel on how the stripes pan out, because if you want to make another jacket with real stripping, you need to see how the actual knitting plays with it, first. I just love how the Bernat Baby Jacquards gave me beautiful & lazy-arse knitting effects without even trying a single bit.

BSJ front-pole 2

A volunteer worker at my library has 12 weeks left to her pregnancy, and she is expecting a boy. I also have a co-worker who's daughter is pregnant with a boy as well. It looks like it was perfect timing that I worked out this pattern...because now I have to knit up two more, but in blue! (Plus baby booties, don't you think?) Yay! This project was really fun.

Sorry about the lack of posting. You would think that a post with the darn buttons sewn on would have been posted about a day after the first post of the BSJ, but I've barely even had a moment to think these past couple of weeks. I've not only been working some on the wedding plans, but I've been taking on 3 different jobs, squeezing in as much part-time job "moola" as I can. Every bit helps, but I've been working every single day straight for like 3 weeks, with two jobs (or more) a day. Friday was my only day off...and believe me, it was glorious, sleeping in and doing as I please. Ahhh. But now I'm back to the hum-drum work life, and have been working Sundays even, starting at 6AM! eek.

Here's what's been getting done lately with the wedding plans:
-Reception hall details (linens, food, etc)
-Music Songs selecting (as a's gotta be impressive, you know?)
-Flower-thinking (florist still to be decided...I have a horror story about the first one I went to)
-DJ found
-BM dresses almost all ordered (those girls better get a move on, don't you think? *pulls hair out*)
-Bridal jewelry (earrings & necklace)
-Veil (found)
-Gift Registry (Target & Bed Bath & Beyond)
-Our wedding webpage for our guests

It's going to get even crazier, the wedding being almost 3 months away. I still have some major things to plan and get done. Getting a place to live, as well as maybe booking a honeymoon might be nice too...

BSJ back 1

A HUGE thanks to all my wonderful commenters for their lovely compliments! You not only give me "warm fuzzies"...but you are the ones that give me the drive to always keep writing.

Upcoming: a patriotic knit. Pattern included. Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

I love this pattern and I am thinking of trying to make one myself soon. Yours came out beautifully! I love the colors you used.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks great!

Glad the wedding plans are going well. If you are still looking for wedding jewellry.. I make it... check out or I can email you some pictures of my older work (I'm not sure how much wedding stuff is up on the etsy site, most of it is sold)
I work in silver with semi-precious stones and pearls