Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have a sickness. If I focus on reading, I do not...and will not knit. If, for instance, I finally get my computer to allow me to watch shows online (like Lost!), my mind will switch modes and skip the "pages." I think you all can guess which mode I was in recently:
I was searching throughout my brain for some ideas of what I should sent Joe in the mail for a care package. I've done the popcorn, and the corn nuts (must be the ranch kind), and the hot-chocolate, and the pictures, and the cd-mixes. But not the knitting. I decided that I must "do the knitting" this time. So, here-be "Emmett." A mixture of the colors that he likes, a new design in general, and hopefully a unique idea for a hat: woven stripes.

It's a really easy pattern, and I'll have a version that is a little shorter. Because I designed this hat for Joe, I'm guessing that it would be fitting for him to actually model the FO for the pattern. Not me. I see him for Valentine's Day (can't wait!), so I'm hoping to release the pattern in the shop after the middle of February, when I get back. I actually have a person from Ravelry who offered to test-knit my patterns because A.) she likes to knit, and B.) she has oodles of yarn. And I'm guess there is a C.) she's just a really nice person and would live to help out where she can for our fellow knitterkind. :)
I've never really had an official test-knitter until now. It's a really good idea, especially for those stupid "where's instruction #3" or "how much yardage?" mistakes that end up in the pattern, even after self-proofing.

Upcoming post: my own twist on the "orangettes" recipe that will truly make you salivate. It's so yummy!
Upcoming design idea: a lacey cowl


Nikki Elisabeth said...

I could test knit for you too if you want? It looks like a fab pattern and I owe my brother a hat. heh.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could figure out a way to read and knit at the same time. Unfortunately, I'm still a somewhat newbie and I have to look down too much still. Plus it's sort of hard to position the book.

Rachel said...

Very cool design, and a great idea!

CassieMarie said...

Purty!!! I love the color combo, I'm sure he'll like it too!