Sunday, March 09, 2008

A fusion of color


The idea of creating a fun and spunky plate-mat has been storming my head for quite some time. I started one yesterday starting from the ends and decreasing to the center, but it was more like a tent than a perfect circle. So, I frogged it and went to bed. Today, I decided to try again, using EZ's "Pi" (Joe has issues with her terminology) technique. So, I guess I'm on a circle fad lately. I'm getting pretty excited about the idea of owning my own apartment with Joe in the near future. This would be a great table piece. I was thinking about a collection of 4 or 6 of them, as well as crocheted squares for bowls. That's still to be determined.


It's really hard to admit it (well, maybe not that hard), but I was really digging the whole crochet edge with this yarn. It actually made me want to create another mat solely out of single crochet stitching. I did only 4 rounds, and should have done 5, because it looked nice...but what are you going to do?

Pattern: my own

Needles: size 10.5 dpns

Fiber: Yarn Treehouse's "Daisy" 100% wool. It's chunky & wonderful

Yards: approx. 90 yds

Diameter: TBD after further felting


Felting this was fun. I was really worried about the middle, because it wouldn't flatten down for some reason. Luckily, water works magic, and gave me enough leeway to felt it flat with piping hot water in my sink. I will end of felting it just a bit more, to be a pinch smaller, and more evenly felted. Until now, it's chilling on my floor...and screaming for a partner.

Maybe tomorrow.
P.S-I also posted yesterday. Sorry about the once-a-week posting thing lately.


Awesome Mom said...

Beautiful! I love the colors, so bold and bright.

Macoco said...

Wow, I love those colors. So cheerful and rich. Definitely knit up some playmates for that place mat!

Katie said...

I've just started reading your blog, and absolutely love what you've knitted! I like the frequent posts, too. That table mat is fantastic.

Bobbi said...

Gorgeous placemat! The colors are very cheerful. A tableful of them will be great.
Maybe we'll see each other at the fiber fest!

Anonymous said...

Tats adorable buddy..Lovely colors.U have done nice piece of work.Thanks for sharing.
keep up the work.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oooh that's so pretty!