Friday, October 12, 2007

Turning. (with a knitting finale.)

I'm a pretty stagnant person, when it comes to likes and dislikes. I'll admit that. What's hard to admit is when you finally realize that something is different. Maybe even suspect. Ok, having a strong craving for meatloaf is one thing, everyone has one of those commercial white-castle urges once in a while, but felting?

.....OK, hand's up. You caught me. I hated felting.
(wait a second, did I just spot a past tense use of the word "hate?")

Don't get me wrong, the workmanship on certain items that are felted are wonderful, the colorways used are gorgeous, their stitching-impeccable. But the texture and the look of felted wool made my skin crawl. Wait, "made?" But now, I can't hide it anymore. It's almost like something's in the air,... and I'm not just talking about the wonderful drop in the temperature. I started growing an interest in the concept. Granted, we all know how that turned out. But this feeling I've had lately is different now... potent, even. Ideas have been storming around in my head during lectures. It has left my head buzzing, while I should be sleeping. What is this?
I've been day-dreaming of what I want my future house to looks like, the coziness of the couches, wood floors, soft sage colors, mosaic coffee table-top ideas, and even felted placeholders. comfy felted clogs. Clutches. Felted coasters. Stop me.

Joe and I went for a walk the other day. I think I love Maples the best in the Fall...the leaves are just so juicy!
Oh, wait a second, while we are on the subject of "botany," how did I do on the test?? Um, horrible, as expected! But since I did the second best (second-least-worst, really) in the class, I pulled of a B! Oh yeah! Thank the Lord for curves!

We also took the week off and lodged at this cozy cabin.
I knit during the day, and cuddled up by the fire with Joe at nightfall.
....I wish.

It's practically the "ancient ruins" of our campus. I once knew a guy that tried to make this "storage" cabin into a small student-runned coffee house. It's a shame noone listened to him.
However, it does make a great place to knit by.

Random note: I just finished Mary Kruger's second installment in her "knitting mystery" series, Knit Fast, Die Young. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The setting was a little too stale, and only changed half-way through the book, and I knew who "dun-it" from the beginning. Either I'm getting a knack for being a detective, or it was a little too obvious. Unfortunately, I believe the latter is the correct one.

Oh, can I vent for a second?
How did I get stuck with the earliest day to present my research to my Seniors seminar?
I've got less than one month to research and create a ten minute (verbal & visual) presentation on my thesis (we also have to write a 12-ish page research paper), and the pile is still growing.
Some one please pinch me. Is this real?

Bang head here.

...And I guess,the moment you have been waiting for...
Here's a quick snap of the beginning workings of my "Infinity Cardigan."

I'm in love with the cables. I love the symmetry of the snake cables around the edges, the tweediness, the color, and the i-cord on the edge, for the zipper. I picture myself wearing this around Halloween & Thanksgiving. Do you notice the sideways "8" look going on in the cables? Just checking.

Spending some quality time with the DF.

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

I think going first for a presentation in school is actually an advantage. *You* get to set the bar and people's expectations. And when you do awesomely, people will be impressed and have to work extra hard to catch up to where you got to, because you had the extra pressure of the earliest deadline.

When I had to present the first chapter of my thesis, I was just tickled when peers whom I respected and admired went out of their way to compliment my work. They will all admire your guts for going first!

Macoco said...

The cables and the tweed go together beautifully.