Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lightning-Fast Slippers (KUAS Original Pattern)

Designed by Anna Peck-Maliszewski

This free pattern has been removed 10/17/12. It may or may not return, but if it does, it will be tweaked and pdf’ed and available for an inexpensive $1.99 price.

Needles: Size 13 US --Straight Needles Size 11 DPNS (pack of 4)
Darning Needle
Crochet Hook: just to pick up stitches. (I used “ I ”)
Fabric: Any Kind—Just keep in mind that different colors & stripes will show more than pictures! For slippers without lining, use fleece or silk (silk needs 1 ½ inch cut strips)

Shown in shoe size 8 (US)

1’’ wide cut strips (using the “Maze Method”) & size 13’s : 3 sts= 1’’ 3 rows= 1’’

"Maze Method" Note: Keep cutting around edges of the fabric, maintaining a 1'' width. You should NOT have have to tie any edges, because it should all be one continuous strip of fabric. The corner edges will stick out a little bit, but don't fret too much about that. When you knit it up, the edges get tucked in. After you have finished cutting, roll the fabric into a ball.


Macoco said...

What an awesome slipper pattern - thank you for sharing! I love that it looks like a little clog.

Alyssa said...

I love the slipper pattern. Is there any way to add some cushioning to it?

Bobbi said...

These look so comfy! I'll be putting this pattern in my "to do" file - thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm making these as a gift to myself, lined with alpaca!

sebrook said...

How much fabric does it take for these slippers? I wouldn't want to run out after just one.

JustBlue said...

Since the pattern is no longer free, you may want to removed the 'free' in the labels section.