Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gracie. Gratias. Nature.

Sometimes, a woman needs some instant gratification.
(and chocolate.)
This weekend, I had just that while working on my first Beret. Because I had leftover yarn, I even made matching fingerless gloves. It was quick. A little too quick. These are the sort of knits that you would do for last minute gifts, or holiday gifts for your female relatives.

I present "Gracie," a reversible & chunky beret that knits up lightening quick. I couldn't really ask for more in a beret. It has spunk, a soft fluffy quality, and most importantly...a slouch. The yarn is some sort of wool or alpaca blend. I got it from the thrift-store, so I can't tell you what brand, type, yardage or colorway. lol. I can tell you that it's incredibly soft, it's bulky, and has little animal fibers in it. Voila! I'll assume it's not acrylic.
(Don't spoil my assumptions, please.)

"My Side (mostly purled)"......"Inside out (mostly knit side)"

Yeah, you heard me right...I said that the RS was the purled one. I originally designed the hat to have a mostly garter look. It really has a flower-like quality to the tip, don't you think?

Oh, and recently....I actually won a contest!!! I never win!
Liz was destashing, and did a "which Hawkeye football player is the hottest?"contest. Here's the catch, she made it clear that we had to pick someone that she would sleep withthinks is hot. I picked Adam. So did others. But I won the "three" way coin toss. I asked her how that's possible, racking my brains on how such feat could be achieved. It's possible.

Merci beaucoup for all of the yarn! And Happy 22nd Birthday! Apparently, 22 is "ancient" and she feels "old." Someone please bonk her on the head! I can't wait until she is over the hill. Since i'm a night owl, I can officially give you the good b-day tidings since it's 12:30 am. Old habits die hard.


KnittingHawkeye said...

Anna, when did you knit all of this stuff??? OMFG! Anyways, I'm not feeling old anymore. Seriously. You need a perscription drug for your sleep problems. Now I'm going to bed at around 11 and you're staying up till 3! We've switched sleeping habits. . . weird. . . .Thanks again for coming tonight. =) I had a lot of fun and I hope Joe likes a pizza. =P <3

KnittingHawkeye said...

btw, nothing wrong with being attracted to a hot guy, nothing at all!

Ilix said...

Had to say that I love your shawl progress! it is going to look gorgeous! Nice loot from that contest! can't wait to see what you make with it! :D