Friday, September 14, 2007

"All good things"

I've been a little busy knitting. I've been a little busy designing. I've been a little busy watching Friends. ...But, I would definitely say that I spent more time *writing up sock patterns, changing them, knitting it up, and frogging it again* (rep. *to* several times)....more than anything else!

I'm also working on squares myself. It's a shame that I didn't really bring any Red Heart with me to school. I'm using the yarn from my own aghan... because that's the only bit of Red Heart I packed with me! (...and to think that I have bins full at home...I'm such a dummy.)

I was knitting at Liz's apartment last night, and I forced her to dye up the colorway for the club, since we changed it. See my point, the club starts in a couple of weeks....and I've got nothing knit up yet! lol. Anyways, I did more teaching (her sister) to knit, than actually knitting myself. But, I did get to take home one of my favorite colorways of hers, "Japanese Maple." Yummy.

...and I was already thinking of what to knit my own grandparents soon. This one would be perfect for both of my grandpas. Do you think I have the patience and endurence to knit two of these?

And of course, as soon as you got some inches done on your own fir cone shawl, you see a cooler one on the web. Oi.


Ilix said...

LOL looks like we both like those little forest dwellers! LOL so have you got myre deyed stuff to show off? :D me either........ LOL

loveyourbag said...

Looks like you're going to be busy! I just finished some Simply Ginny socks Saturday and they came out great- nice pattern.