Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Did I Do All WEEK?!?

Hey Everyone! I'm back from an entire week of my fioncée's family reunion....that's right....from Saturday to Saturday of, ummmm: fun, silly & confinement with Maliszewski "strangers." lol. I actually was proud of myself...I had everyone's (roughly 28 new peeps) name down by the first day. I actually had a lot of fun. We were up in MadisonGreenbay (oops!), Wisconsin, bunking in two large cabins. We basically didn't have an organized agenda, which allowed me to get a lot of knitting & reading done, as well as swimming, rowing, and corn hole/bags playing. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the Mal's are crazy for games? We played a card game called "99" almost every night. If you think you've had crazy card nights with your pals....think again! Take almost 30 players-most being of drinking age or a lot OLDER-plus the rowdiness of normal people times a gazillion! You could almost pee your pants during those games, dying of laughter! The only things we didn't do were hike & tubing.


...and yes fellas, that Aqua Float does actually flip over! "I told you so."

...A common Mal' salutation. No questions, please.

Paddle-boating along an inlet. (Ok, paddling AND reading AND knitting.)

...Proof of "knitting in nature." Ahhhh.

...Proof of reading H.P 7, AND knitting.

OH.... I have a "nighty night" story to tell you all later....plus a video to go along with it....DON'T let me forget to post it later on this week. Just remind me if I forget. ;)

Finished Reading during my vacation:

Harry Potter 6 &7, plus C'est La Vie (a very interesting book about a woman starting life over in Paris, after her husband dies. I recommend it to anyone interested in abroad.)


"Simply Ginny."


The first sock in the pair, from my colorway: The Secret Waterfall.


Dyeing! This completes my "summer dyes 2007." These were the last 3 skeins of my bulk. I can anticipate me being too busy to do more dyeing on my last week of summer vacation, before I leave to start my Senior year... whoot whoot!
Top: "Rain Forest"
Middle: Rockin' (my own take of a skein already created. I just loved the colors. However, the grey is lighter than the original.)
Bottom: "Starry Night"

FYI: My blog should be fully updated after this post. I'm taking down the poll, adding skeins to my sidebar and updating my completed reading list. Thanks for your patience. ;)

Debear62, I'll mail your skein out to you sometime this week, now that I'm back. :)

Work tomorrow, plus Cubs game! It's my first baseball outing...ever! (Can you tell i'm not into sports, lol.)


Sarah said...

Welcome back, Anna! Madison's a great town. I did my undergrad there. Great natural beauty up that way. Back to school as well, huh? Hope senioritis doesn't kick in too early:)

Lydia said...

Yay, you're back! I'd gotten all accustomed to checking your blog every day or so and seeing all the pretty yarn you're dying and such and was missing you! lol.

I loooove the Ginny socks. Definately will be knitting some of my own when you get the pattern out. Actually I'd just wing it and try and figure it out on my own if I didn't have so many things on my needles already... lol.

Anyway, welcome back! And as usual, the dyed yarn looks great!

KnittingHawkeye said...

Oy, I'm a White Sox fan. . . . hate the Cubs. yuck
nice job on the knitting. I haven't been getting much done because of the dying & Stitches and now we're leaving for Gencon tonight, etc etc etc. blah *sigh*

I'm going to start my order for Loopyewe.com once Sheri gives it to me, I still have to e-mail her about that. Then I'll start on the sock club. Organising the dates, etc.

KnittingHawkeye said...

I have a Dobby colourway in mind for the club, any chance for a pattern for it? It'll probably remind you of mints, but it should be fun. It'll be the muted colourway of the batch.

KnittingHawkeye said...

Oooo almost forgot before I leave I wanted to ask you if you can do pdf files of ther patterns for the club? Maybe if we make it a 5 pattern/yarn series starting in October, we could have the candied hearts one near Valentine's Day. Not bad eh? It'd be perfect. =) I raised the price of the yarn so you'll make more of a profit from this.

KnittingHawkeye said...

sorry, "candied love" my mind if spinning with excitement right now. =)
Can't wait till I see you back in Iowa, you then can help me with colourways.

KnittingHawkeye said...

okay then just send me the pictures, clear ones, you need to redo the Candied Love, but the Ginny is fine. And type up the patterns on a word file. I'll put them together and have them printed nicely on awesome paper

Once I get back to Iowa & have ordered the yarn, I'll dye up & send you some colours. I'll also send you the colourways I've come up with so far.

Fox and Cow said...

Oh my goodness! I need tips on how to go from two needles to more! I absolutely LOVE fingerless gloves...or at least half fingered gloves XD but I dont' know how to knit in the round like that....I'd like to do socks too...so I kinda need to learn. Any good books that explain it well that you know of? Thank you! <3

Knitting Up A Storm said...

*The life & times of a stranger*-- I do have a "Dpn 101" on my sidebar, under "knitting techniques"...if that helps some... it's illustrated with pics. :)
Other than that, knitting with multiple needles is just like regular knitting, but divided up on 3 or 4 needles, knitting it with the extra double pointed needle on hand.
If you look at my tutorial listed above, it will explain everything. :)

CassieMarie said...

If you had come a couple of weeks earlier you could have come and visited me in oshkosh! Alas, fate would not have it!