Monday, August 20, 2007

Sleep tight.

Bat Story #1 (as promised):

It was 3:30am, I was disturbingly awoken by the presence of something flapping across my right cheek & eyes. Was it a moth?

Shit, I thought... It was too dark to see, and the two girls rooming with me were fast asleep. I really didn't want to wake them up....but Oh well, I thought, they might not wake up if I turn on the light.

*Light clicks on*

"Oh--my--gosh!!!" I screamed, in a very weird and high pitched way. The two girls groggily sat up and wondered what the commotion was.

A vicious, foaming-mouthed brown bat circled around the ceiling and swooped in around me, and then back by the door again. The two girls let out a nice yelp too. There might have been a curse word in between this point. The covers were over my head faster than "911."

Peering out of the covers, the bat was still making his swoops around the room.

"Who's going to get someone?" was the next question. Um.....I guess I'll do it.

I pulled the covers off the bed, and covered it over me as I crawled across the floor.

[yes, we were all out-of-it, and didn't know if it would bite, and especially didn't know if it had rabies or not.]

Once I got to the door, I flung the covers off and quickly exited the room. They thought it wise to "contain" the beast in our room, lest it be harder to capture it in the house. Adios, chicas.

Ok, so I ranwalked down the stairs and knocked on Joe's uncles' room and told him calmly, "Um, sorry to wake you up....but there's a our room!" Whaaaa??

Ok, so at THIS point, I'd like to say I went up there with him to see his bravery at capturing the dang thing...and the hillarity of it, but no. I stayed downstairs and explained to everyone that there was a bat in our room. Whaa?!? was everyone's response (Hey, they are Mal's. They all speak the same from birth.)

Apparently, after Uncle Jim's failed attempt to scoop the bat in the bucket, in the air, he hit it with a straw hat...and (thank God) a spare pillow on my bed (not my own).

Bat Story #2

One of Joe's cousins went upstairs to her room (across from mine). Her scream told us that the darn flying rat was back again! This time, I was ready with a camera I had (luckily) on hand.

The picture is bad. The ending goes a little black.... but the dialogue is hillarious. I almost peed my pants.

.....This is my future family-in-law. lol.

--Before you click on the video, make sure your volume is UP....the dialogue is the funniest part---


Macoco said...

oh not, not bats! That's going to make me sleep with the covers over my head tonight.

KnittingHawkeye said...

and you call me weird?

Karen said...

Eek. I wonder how it is (or they are) getting in?? I'm guessing this household may have more bat stories until they find out. You think?

KnittingHawkeye said...

The yarn should be here Friday. Latest I should have it to you is Sunday.
The cabin sock was just for fun while I was at Gencon. I want you to come up with a decent complicated one. Lmfao.