Wednesday, October 11, 2017

KUAS PODCASTS: episode 10- I want your sweater Sven!

Upload attempt #2! Youtube uploaded the podcast so slowly, that eventually my computer restarted and erased the progress! Whoops. 

Here's my podcast from yesterday, and it is JAM-PACKED with FO'S and WIPs!

All music, video and photos are all copyrighted 2017 by Anna Maliszewski.
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Pumpkin spice "Flax Light" Sweater by Tin Can Knits
"Roundabout Shawlette" #2 by KUAS Designs-- will be released 10/16!
"Beacon Hill Mitts" by KUAS Designs-- will be released by 10/16
"Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf" by KUAS Designs--just released!
Regia (Arne & Carlos Design Line) Afterthought Heel Socks--no pattern

"Sven Scandinavian" by Cottage Creations
"Roundabout Shawlette" #3 by KUAS Designs
"Beacon Hill Mitts" -burgandy one
Fall cardigan- no pattern, just improvising
Prism cowl- no pattern, just improvising

Boston photo slideshow after the podcast.

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