Friday, February 26, 2016

FO: The ugliest pair of socks on the block (and I did it on purpose)

Well, I finally finished my Office Socks in the ugliest colorway known to man (in my opinion). I'll spare you the imagry that this is giving off for me. The colorway was so hideous, infact that I hibernated this project until I got my butt in gear when I realized that I really need more knit socks this winter.

I would never normally knit this pattern in a variegated yarn, but I really wanted to knit one pair to demonstrate what happens to a perfectly good stitch pattern when you don't use a solid or semi-solid yarn (well, I also made this sock to test out the pattern that I re-released). I willingly chose the worst case senerio. However, I had no idea how awful the brown was going to pool and now badly the colors would clash. Great idea, huh? I wanted to hurl this at the wall and put myself in a time-out for doing this to myself on purpose. But, it's done, I'm going to sigh with relief and wear it nonetheless because it's warm and it fits and I hope that this was very educational for someone.

Pattern: Office Socks by Anna Maliszewski
Needles: Size US 2
Yarn: Some gifted sock yarn without a label in fingering weight
Mods: Only knitting the Triangle Pattern for the leg, and an "afterthought heel" star-shaped. 

 I modified the star-shaped heel from my Star-Edged Socks pattern because this yarn was very thin.  It seems like an odd sort of heel look, but the fit is great.

These were knit two-at-a-time using the magic loop method. I don't think I'll ever knit socks any other way again knowing how I orphan socks if done one-at-a-time. It's a proven fact. It's very sad.

I hope your Friday is going well! Congrats again to the winners of the two give-away kits!

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