Sunday, January 03, 2016

Quick KUAS Tip: tame your magic loop edge with pins

Let's start off with this side note: I love the Magic Loop method. I've always been a fan of circular needles (I never, ever use straight needles anymore), but since learning the Magic Loop method, I have found out how to dodge multiple dpns for sock, hats, and the like, AND knit more than one pair at a time! Second-object syndrome disappears.

However (you knew there had to be a "but..."), I have to admit that the first few rounds of magic loop can get a little irritating, what with the fabric trying to flare out and such, so I wanted to share a simple little tip that might make your life a bit easier. You might find this tip most useful on larger projects that like to open up wide when knitting in the round. Especially bulky hat patterns.
It's simple. Cast on your stitch amount, divide your stitches as normal for magic loop, and before you join the round (well, first double check that your stitches are not twisted), place two (or more) stitch marker pins (or safety pins) through the left and right side of your cast-on edge, running through both the front and back edge of your project.

After knitting a few rounds, take the pin out and clip more of the fabric in place in the same manner. No more work flaring out wider, making it hard to work magic loop in the round. I'd like to think we are boss over our WIPs and not the other way around!

Let me know if this little tip has worked in your favor.
It's the small things in life. 

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