Saturday, November 16, 2013

400th Post---GIVE-AWAYS!!

(See bottom of post for my WIP knitting project)

I couldn't help but celebrate a little bit after seeing that this post marks 400 posts at this blog. That is huge! I've been blogging since 2007 (although life has really not allowed me to be that connected with you these past couple of years) and it's amazing to look back to see my achievements.

In the spirit of this, and to celebrate the release of my "A Nativity Suite" CD two weeks ago, I'm going to give the first 40 people (you heard me right!) who comments here on this post AND also Like/share's my "Anna Maliszewski Music" Facebook group page a free pattern of their choice from my Ravelry Store. It's my gesture of thanks for you sticking around during these "lean months" on this blog, and for any other support you have given me, and/or emails thanking me for various things. I think this is a big deal, no? (Keep on reading about EVEN MORE give-aways as the post goes on.)

All you have to do is Like/share my Facebook page (which helps get the word out about my music. Social-media is essential for a self-published artist), and then comment here that you did that, and what pattern you would like. If you are one of the 40, write your email address in the same comment OR email me with the subject "KUAS 400" so I can pick you out easily. You will receive the coupon to get a free KUAS pattern in my Ravelry Store via email. That's it!

To the general public, I'm going to give you 40% off any KUAS pattern(s). All you have to do is input the promotional code: KUAS400.

ONE Last give-away...I am going to give away 1 free "A Nativity Suite" CD to the person who shares this post with the most sites (examples: their blog, Facebook, twitter, etc.) Just let me know the site's urls. Please leave me a way to get in touch with you.


Drum-roll's a preview my CD's vocal version that I worked so hard on for 3 months:

It's really been a passion-project of mine all summer. If you're curious, this is what goes into a self-composed and published CD; a project that has consumed over 400 hours to get this ready for a craft fair where I released it October 26th:

First, I had to get an idea of what themes I wanted in the CD and then compose all of the music, (I practiced as much as I could for as little time as I had, which is embarrassingly only several days for most), record the piano (several times--between little practice and using my parent's grand piano, I had to work around any noises in the background and redo it), recorded layer after layer of voicing, and then editing, editing, editing the sound parts (who knew that it took that much editing to get the volume and sound just right?), write up the booklet that comes with the CD, print and collate/staple the pages, burn the CDs, light-scribe each and every one of them (took 30 minutes each!), label them, check that each of them actually work (you should have seem me cook while playing two of them at once in the kitchen!), and insert everything into the cases, do promotional videos/photos for my website & Facebook, edit and finally upload the piano score on WHOO..... that's why I've been so quiet!

A little about the CD: It is a musical reflection on the birth of Christ. It has two versions: vocal & piano and also solo piano. I've made a booklet with biblical quotes on the Nativity Narrative, as well as a little info about certain songs, and some reflection questions in the back of the booklet. My hope is that this CD  helps the listener to reflect on the meaning of the season, and bring some more joy into the house/car. It should be a little different than what's out there already. You may hear some lacing of traditional Christmas music themes in a few songs.

This is an exciting endeavor, and I look forward to what the future holds. If you asked me a year and a half ago that I would compose AND sell my music, I would have laughed. You never know what the future holds.

If you are interested in supporting my work, the CD is on sale for $10 (or 3 for $25) at my Music Website. They make great stocking suffers or Christmas gifts to hand out to friends. :)

The individual piano sheet music, as well as the full score will be available in a couple of days on The site is finishing up processing it right now. :)

On a KNITTING NOTE! I came on blogger initially to write about this!
I've got a cute Christmas project that I'm finishing up right now for the twins. I just have to sew and felt them. Who can guess what this is? Or have I just forgotten how to knit a scarf?! I really want to design a lacy red top to go along with my pencil skirt for Christmas.

October has been insane between the CD, illnesses, illnesses, illnesses, my husband traveling, the craft fair, they boy's birthday party, a piano recital, and their real birthday. Something has been going around town and my family is still catching everything it throws at us. Hopefully we will all be well for Thanksgiving! Prayers please!

The boys turned THREE! Can you believe it? I bet you can guess what they were for Halloween!

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