Monday, November 05, 2012

BSJ 4: Halloween

Good news: the BSJ 4 is finally finished!
Bad news: Halloween is over, I only have one of these, and it fits perfectly this year!

So, it looks like I might throw this in with the other Craft Show goodies that I plan on selling. That makes around 12 hand knit items that I plan on selling!

It's a little bittersweet because I've been saving this colorway for a while and I couldn't seem to find any more of it when I went to the store a couple of years later. It really does look striking on a toddler.

Pattern: EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket (slightly tweaked)
Needles: US5 circular needles
Yarn: almost 2 skeins of Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn: Ombres" in the "Halloween" colorway. 
Mod's:  sleeve extension. 20 rows of 36 (next time: 38) stitches.

I also did some rows of solid black, but they were useless in the end. To sew the sleeves and shoulder together, I crocheted along the top (which I usually do to finish my BSJ's). It gave it this sharp black edge that's a little different than just sewing it invisibly.
Call me weird, but I think it looks kind of cool on a baby or kid.
Front View

Back View

Extended Sleeve View
My camera is much too slow, and my kids much to resistant to take a nice photo shot of mommy's hard work. Figures. Sam's pose below is actually him throwing himself on the floor in protest, in a toddler tantrum fashion. Hey, it you're down and still, mommy is going to take a shot with or without a smile!

Model: Sam
Hmm, mommy sneaks around to take a shot of Mr. Sammie playing nicely or sitting still on the couch. Quick, take a shot!

Mr. Jacob No Pants wants to get into view.
Where is Jacob in all of this? Well, Mr. No Pants would have non of this sweater-photo shoot action.  If he's not going to wear any bottoms, he's not going to put an extra layer on top.  I'm just lucky he isn't trying to remove the onesie at the moment...We've been having a lot of "accidents" lately.
Jake: Mmm...good enough to eat!

Maybe I should just use a pumpkin head as my model next time. Mr. Pumpkin doesn't move, doesn't whine and makes for a nice shot! :)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It does look pretty awesome!

Yarn-Madness said...

Absolutely gorgeous! :D

Eshna said...

awwww nice work !