Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Greetings

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas (and of course any other holiday you might celebrate instead) and wish you a happy New Year! It's been go-go-go around here, so I'm sorry about not posting this like I promised after the last post. My camera was loaned out and I couldn't snap anything until I got back from my cousin's wedding in Seattle. But, anyways, here are the pictures as rings! I was basically fiddling around Dec 5th with the leftover yarn from my Merry Xmas Wreath.
this first one is my favorite, and reminds me of the Winter Season in general.
This one is called "Christmas Wreath."
"Happy New Years Eve" ring.
Here's a pic of my current project, a Striped Modular Vest that is mitered. I plan on tweaking the pattern so that the stripes form more of a "X." Also, an I-cord edging seems necessary, so I plan on adding that to it. (I'm thinking about deleting the collar too.) Since I wouldn't ever wear a turtle neck shirt, I'll wear a boat neck, or similar with it.
My boy's first professional photoshoot. Aren't they cute? They are growing up soo fast!
Enjoy the rest of your holidays! Relax a bit if you can.


Florence said...

The rings are cute and your boys are adoreable!

Knitting is a wonderful thing! said...

You have twins? Cute. I'm a twin, and loved every minute growing up with my twin sister.
My mom dressed us up differently most of the time except for pictures. Just found out my son's step sister is having quadruplets yesterday! Now that is hard work. Wouldn't want to knit FOUR of everything! lol

Becka said...

I love your rings! you are very blessed, such adorable boys! Happy New year!!! Becka