Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty little things


Well, I am half was through the edging, which means that this shawl is on it's way to F.O-itude. The shawl really has forest green tones to it, but you know how lighting works. It'll look like a much different shawl after it's been blocked and shot at again during the next photo shoot. And boy does this shawl need to be blocked. I worked the larger size, yet it looks much smaller than the pattern's example. My sockyarn must have been much thinner. The edging looks like ca-ca right now, so I'm looking forward to blocking the socks off this shawl. tee hee.


Here's a cute pic of the boys around the fourth of July. They are sitting in their little Bumbo chairs in the baby pool. I have to say that they do love their water dosage. Splish-splashing is in their blood.

And I'll leave you off with some beautiful photos of my blossoming flowers in my garden. The last owner really picked out some great perennials. When I went to Walmart yesterday to get some fertilizer, I noticed that they had these lillies for 50 percent off, so I bought myself the pink and the red version to but in my backyard (these are in front of my house).



Not sure what these purple flowers are called, but they are pretty. They sure like to fan out though. The ones below look like sweet-peas...but not sure of the names Either. Any gardeners reading?



Rachel said...

The purple ones are salvia I believe, and the pink flowers are hydrangeas. Both of them make excellent cut flower arrangements and also dry beautifully. Lucky you with such beautiful flowers!

Z said...

I really like the shawl. It looks so delicate. I want to find a pattern for a nice simple shawl to of these days.

After my slouchy beret and the sock/leg warmers and after I put the videos up on YouTube.

Then comes the shawl, unless I want to try and make some gloves and get better at making socks before the shawl.