Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aztec Gold Necklace


I've been fiddeling around with jewelry making, but in a purely "needle" sense. I have these crochet jewelry ideas buzzing around my head and I've finally put it into motion yesterday. "Aztec Gold" is the preliminary version of other chained necklaces and versions.
I love how comfortable it feels. My skin is very sensitive to metals and it's refreshing to have something that doesn't scratch or irritate. (Plus it's nice to say "I made this" when people shell out compliments.)
This version is basically a very long loop that is circled around the neck three times for a layered look. My next version will be a large loop like this but the "jewels" will be different. My third one will be much different. I'll test out a new method for layering.

Not the most exciting hairday (always a "mommy" hairday) and the lighting pales the golds in the necklace, but here's an example of what it would look like with a complimentary tank.
It's fun and easy. The hardest part of the whole thing is stringing the beads on in the correct order and trying to get the yarn's layers from splitting; especially the tinsel. Tune back in for more jewelry. Necklace two is on the hook already.


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are quite amazing!

Z said...

I like the necklace alot. Very nice. And the name you chose for it, is perfect. It has that native american look to it. Looks good!