Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still alive

Hey guys. Just popping in to say that I'm still alive. I've finished my first crocheted project, A basic hat, and was fudging around/working up fingerless mitts to match but I've been pretty busy with baby stuff to get too comitted. I'd like to post them together as completed but who knows when I'll finish them...I'm kind of bored with the mitts anyways. I'm considering frogging.


The mitts have the same backstitch single crochet border with single crochet along the main body with another bsc stitch along the way. I'll do the bsc on the top of the mitts too if I work on it more.

The hat/mitts are crocheted with two different colorway strands in fingering weight. The border is crocheted with the purple yarn as well as a lavender Malibrigo yarn in laceweight. It's more or less a stashbusting project for Spring.


My sanity has been on the fritz as much as my knitting. I've been experimenting with crocheting because there is that cute mini "Button Loafer" pattern I want to whip up for the boys. How cute is that pattern? I might be out of my zone though...since I'm a self-taught crocheter. Well, I'm a self-taught knitter too...but knitting patterns seem easier to read, somehow. Maybe that's why-as well as the reasoning that crocheting uses up more yarn- us knitters call the crocheting art the "Dark Arts" or the "Dark Side" Kidding.

The boys will be 6 months by the end of this month...I can't believe it!
Here's a video of Sam to brighten your day:

P.s- thank you for all of the sweet comments about the Kimono Jacket and the boys! :)


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh my goodness he's so precious!

Rachel said...

Very cute!

Z said...

What a cutie pie! There's always time to look at a baby.

I think your hat looks really good, especially for your first time.


knittingdragonflies said...

I like the hat! Good job! Love the colors!
That is some cutie you have there!

Unknown said...

When I brought my son home, I went on a knitting hiatus for 12 years! You just focus on what's important now, knitting will always be there.

Besides,I hear yarn gets better with age. LOL