Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little knits

Hey all,
I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and New Year. Just reporting in. Here's some pics of our little boys in the knits I made before they were born.


Jake in the Kimono Jacket that I thought would only fit Sam. We would have had a onesie that matched the jacket, but I'm not redressing this kid after giving two baths. lol. Anyways, who would want to take off a Cubs onesie anyways?


I waited much too long to put the babies in the Baby Cocoon...and now it's a bit short. However, it seemed fitting to have this little "worm" on his wiggle worm mat.


My dad's side lives in Seattle and so us being in the was a big deal last Sunday when the Seahawks played the Bears...and of course the strongest prevails, right? Eh, maybe it also helped that the babies brought them good luck. Now we'll need it for the Packers game.

Can you believe that the boys will already be turning 3 months?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow! 3 months already. Glad to see the boys are doing well (and dressing so stylishly!)

Laci D. Stokesay said...

Sam & Jake are so cute! We have twin grandsons and they were different sizes also the bigger one was longer in the hospital. All the pics brought back lots of memories. They will be 4 in March. My grandkids are my best models they love the stuff I knit and are easy to knit for being so small...

Unknown said...

Your little ones are adorable! My son was born on Oct 15th of 2010. :)

Unknown said...

Your little ones are adorable! My son was born on Oct 15th of 2010. :)

CassieMarie said...

What cuties!
Tooo adorable!

The bears will need all the luck they can get! :P {packer fan here!}

Walden said...


yodafatkitty said...

I have baby envy now.
What cute darlings they are!

knittingdragonflies said...

So cute!!

Ilix said...

Great knits! They look fantastic!

Sandra La Knitalian said...

what a precious pair! how fast they grow, too, a couple sluggers in the making-maybe one day we'll see them at Wrigley Field or at the Brewers Stadium, the Brewers vs Da Bears! OR maybe they will be Future Milwaukee Brats and race each other around the infield!! ;) ♥♥♥