Friday, November 05, 2010

Preemie Ribbed Cap (Free KUAS Pattern)

preemie ribbed hawkeye cap

Now the babies are showing some Hawkeye spirit! I just couldn't stand looking at their heads swimming in all of the newborn hats, so I decided to make a preemie hat with some pep. I purposefully made a ribbed hat to mold of the babies' heads and grow with them. Hope you enjoy the's a quick and gratifying knit for all of the preemies you come across in your life.

This type of ribbed or striped hat is nothing original...but here's a pattern just for the tiny-weensy size.

preemie ribbed hawkeye cap

Preemie Ribbed Cap:
Yarn: lightly worsted weight or DK yarn (a yarn that recommends size US7 needles)in two colors. Less than 70yds per color.
Needles: Size US7 straights or Dpns
Gauge: approx. 5 stitches=1'' (lightly stretched); 6 rows= 3/4'' (18 rows=2.5'')
Measurements: unstretched= 3.5'' wide; stretched= approx 5.5'' wide; 4.25'' tall

Co 51sts with size US7 needles.
Add 3 or 6 extra sts if the baby's head is larger than most preemies, or if the baby is just about newborn size. Also, I chose the MC and CC because we're Hawkeye fans, but use your own colors to suite your needs.

The Main Body:
1. Using the Main Color (MC) black, knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing (*k2,k1* on the right side and *k1, p2* on the wrong side if you're just using two needles).
2. Switch to the contrasting color (CC) gold without cutting the MC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
3. Switch to MC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
4. Switch to CC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.

Decreasing for the crown:
5. Cut the CC, leaving a few inch tail, switch to MC and knit 2 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
6. *K2tog, p1* across.
7. *K1, p1* across.
8. K2tog across.
9. Purl across.
10. Cut the MC, leaving a long tail of several inches. Pull the darning needle through all of the stitches left on the needles and secure with a knot.
(11.)Sew the hat together if you used the two needle method.
12. Weave in all threads.

Feel free to add a pom-pom in the two colors for some extra pizazz.


KnittingHawkeye said...

Hi Anna,

I hope everyone is doing well. I have some things for your precious baby boys, so I need your address. Please email it to me at

KnittySue said...

Thanks for the pattern..I've made tons of quilts for the NICU now I'll knit some hats (we live near Mott's Childrens Hosp in Det.MI) The boys look great and soooooo sooooo cute. Continued prayers for all.