Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, it's official...we bought a house! After much heartache and hassle, and 3 house offers later, we got the original house we wanted. I've been in over 50 houses, and have spent endless hours on the Internet looking at who-knows-how-many-more house listings. I just got back from the house inspection, and could not have been more pleased with the results. Overall, there are only several very minor little tweaks needing to be made (like putting a 50 cent cap on something electrical), which really reassures us, since it's a renovated older home. I've had a very long and stressful week that seemed to just be getting worse and worse...and I went into the inspection thinking it would be my luck to have something major needing to be fixed, but I was happily wrong, and realized that they put more work into the home than I even knew of (like even all new windows within the last few years). I'm happy that this house journey is almost over, and our planned move-in day is in the middle of September.
You're looking at a new KUAS design that I just couldn't help myself to. It's going to be a felted diaper bag/tote (I'm thinking about naming it "a Knitter's Diaper Tote"). It's a beast of a bag right now, and I'm hoping to get it down 1/3 or maybe 1/4 of its size once it's done felting. I plan on making storage pockets for the bottles and 1 for diaper wipes that will go inside the tote, and the outside should resemble my Vera Bradley purse, where the handles start at the base of the purse and there is a single pocket between the front handle. The handles will be brown and also felted. The top of the tote will snap shut on the sides and there will be a single pink wooden button in the middle that will button shut with a flap.

Speaking of "toting," the babies are 22 weeks & 4 days along. I haven't had as many backaches in the night like I did a week or two ago, which makes me happy. They are now at the point where they are kicking harder and since they are riding low, it feels like hiccups or are jumping in the area above my pelvic bone. Still can't tell between some of the kick/hiccup/or maybe braxton hicks sensation they warn you about. "Lefty" baby still seems like he's really the only kicker, as "Righty" hardly ever kicks on his side, unless they are positioned differently now that they have less room. In a week they will be about a pound each; it's sad thinking that they have a week or so left before they won't have enough room to do somersaults. It's cool, though, putting your hand on your belly and feeling movement once in a while. It will be really weird when the movement is more pronounced.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

congrats on BOTH fronts! Both the new house and the great knit and the babies!! :)

Walden said...

Congrats on the home!! Love the colors in the bag.

pendie said...

I still miss the movement of the baby while pregnant, and my kids are 26 and 28. I think it's the coolest thing about being pregnant, other than getting the present(s) of babies at the end of the time. Congrats!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Congrats on the house!
Love the colours of the tote

YrHelper Infonut said...

Congrats on the house. why did you remove your post about the relay for life?

Ilix said...

Sounds like the house will be amazing! i am super happy that it all worked out. I love the little baby twin widget!