Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gauging around

The cowled raglan has come to a stand-still right now until I figure out how wide it is. I decided that since I've never been good with the whole "perfect gauging" skill (oh, many-a-project have been frogged due to this disability)that I decided that pin-usage was in order, just as judging over 4 inches, rather than over 1 inch would probably be more practical as well. Now, if you aren't the swatcher, believe me, inches can sneak up on you in the process if you don't gauge properly. That 5 stitches measuring 1/8 under an inch really shouldn't be overlooked. Goodness knows that I have knitted projects sizable to godzilla that way. The over-all gauge is still iffy, due to the very stretchable nature of this raglan. I don't want to keep the fabric too relaxed, or my gauge will be off because when you pick it up, it is stretching a lot naturally. My guess is that there are 21 stitches to 4''. I have 46 stitches per sleeve right now, so that is roughly 8.3 inches. I might just do one more increase before I either save the sleeves, or do a "fudge" increase (using k2tog's to still be able to use Yo's). It rained all day Thursday. I was extremely content with the weather. Don't get me wrong, it stunk driving home through construction, and having the fear installed in me that someone would crash into to me (last week when it rained, a right-hand turner barely missed me and crashed into the front of the person behind me, while I was waiting at the right light.). When I got home, I baked my "Chicken-roni Casserole" and then enjoyed the soothing sound of rain on my deck as I sipped on some hot cocoa. I believe that I even read some more of my "The Other Boleyn" book as well. (Shelver memory syndrome= no brain left after work.)My garden was getting a little overgrown, so I cut a lot off and shipped it off with my Grandmother when she came over last time. I still have Greek oregano, basil, rosemary and even mint (the small one on the right. I know, pathetic). My blog friend Cassie actually inspired my to dry my herbs by the oven using thread. Don't they look pretty? I didn't actually need to dry the flowers, but how sad would they look with just a few leaves all shriveled up? Rosemary is way in the back. Cassie also inspired me to re-try making hummus. This time, there wasn't roasted red-pepper, but just roasted garlic and onion. It was scrumptious, I tell you! I decided to use up the leftover bread from Panera to make myself a veggie humus sandwich!
Lastly, and most recently, I finished "The Other Boleyn Girl" novel novel last evening while sipping slowly on some orange zinger tea with a slice of orange on the bottom. Yumm. I enjoyed not only the steamy citrus tea, but also enjoyed reading outside in the chilled air while my footsies were snuggled all warm in my "gypsy" colorway socks.

It almost felt like fall. I can't wait to go apple picking next Saturday.
P.s-I added meebo back to my sidebar. Feel free to IM me if i'm online. :)


Rachel said...

Lovely socks, that's a cool colorway. I too am reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" and am enjoying it a lot. I read that you liked "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Have you ever seen "Firefly"? It's also a sci-fi sort of TV series put out by the same producers, and I think it's even better, and I like Buffy too. Just thought you might like something new to watch, if you haven't seen it!

CassieMarie said...

Thanks for the nod!! :)
That hummus looks truly yummus!!