Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eyecandy pt3

For all of you KUAS club enthusiasts...I'm just letting you know that after I get my teeth hacked away (again) by the dentist, I will be taking off the "Pride and Prejudice" club off the market. I plan to come home, watch Buffy until I get feeling back on the left side of my face, maybe eat (if I can, I just had my right side done Tuesday, and it's still sensitive to bite on that side), and then start the dyeing process.

The roving doesn't have a colorway name, so I guess I'll call it "Midnight Serenade." It has all sorts of blues, a subtle foresty green, grey and a tiny bit of a heathery pink. I'm trying to make the singles extra thin this time, so that I will get something like a fingering-weight or sport-weight yarn as a double-ply. This time, I'm bound to get a lot of yards.
I shouldn't really be stingey (sp?), I do have 8.4 oz of this, but I would like to save 4 oz for a single-ply yarn that I'll put up in my shop. Any takers? lol. You probably will have to sign up for "KUAS homespun yarn" in advance because I can't see myself making a lot for my shop. I want the yarn! lol.

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