Friday, June 20, 2008

Your "World's Worst Poster" reporting in

Hey guys.
I know, I know....where's the goods, right? I haven't made a decent post in a while. I know. I will get the "teaser" picture of the new sock pattern up hopefully tonight (it's Friday, you never know what will actually happen).

10 Reasons why I've been neglecting you:
1. Trying to get myself a "full-time job" that has an opening for a part-time job ministry (keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm going to need your prayers or help on this one!!!)
2. Working at my current part-time jobs
3. Teaching piano all day Monday (and make-ups on other days)
4. Trying to finish this sock pattern
5. Taking care of 2 clubs (I got myself in pretty deep, I know. But it will be fine...)
6. Hanging out with Joe on his last week or so here until he finishes up school for half a year
7. Babysitting for neighbor
8. dyeing up some yarn for a couple swaps, and for the shop ($$ to pay off debt)
9. Spending time with the 2 weeks of 2 different visits from my out-of-town relatives
10. Tired after work, and not feeling like doing anything but being a veggie by the 'ol tube

I'm sorry again. Once these two clubs are done (and the sock pattern), I should be good to go with knitting some stuff again. *sigh*


Ilix said...

Well, keep plugging at it. It's all we can do. I feel the pain I am thinking about getting a second job..... but it will cut into my knitting time drastically! Soooooo money.... or stash reduction and chill time.... dam. I hate debts.

Bobbi said...

wow, you're an amazing multitasker! Good luck with the job. Best wishes to your man, too!