Thursday, June 26, 2008


Actual knitting picture in the post below.

What have I been up to? Although I am currently suffering from what I can only imagine is terrible allergies...I have gotten a number of things done in the past couple of days:
1. Finished the sock pattern & sock, as well as sweated blood trying to turn the Word document into a pdf. Blame it on the insanely cool pictures, I guess. They were corrupted.
2. Dyeing up 23 skeins of yarn within a few days...15 of them being for the Dracula sock club (I think you guys will love it! It's going to be awesome!!). Get this though...I have 35 skeins sitting in my room waiting to be sent between two clubs (Lost has 10 members, two skeins each). That doesn't include the other yarn for my shop.
3. Working on most of the Lost extras, which means that I will probably be able to send the packages tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. If you're receiving the package, I think you'll find the club to be really funny & a true "themed" club. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

These are my new colorways from left to right: "Parade," Irish Spring (LOVIN' IT!), "Praying Mantis," and "Field of Violets." I dyed up two of the skeins on the left, because I think they might be the most popular. I'm doing some swapping with a blog friend, and she gets first dibs. After she's done picking, I'll put them up in my shop. She picked "Praying Mantis," so I just put the rest into the shop. Here is what I bought today. See all of those books? Less than 8 bucks, people. That's a whole lot of bang for your buck, huh? Get this... most of the books are 14 each, except for the Christie book. It's like me only paying for that book and getting all of those others free!

This ought to interest you. I'm basically a library. Look really closely at the shelves...they are triple stacked. Yeah, I know. Sick. Everyone has their quarks though. A lot of the middle case's bottom shelves are thriftstore finds though. Kind of. Joe's parents got a puppy! Squee!!! Her name, unfortunately is "Zada"...whatever the frick that means. Apparently, she is the "daughter of Sasquatch" (the Maliszewski men have a particular sense of humor). They adopted her at a shelter about a week ago. She's so cute. Can't they stay like that forever??


Bunny said...

I have "swap envy". Those are some really great skeins of yarn. I love the far right and the far left. You book self is not bad compared to mine. Mine sit on the shelf with the bottoms showing stack to the top. You have to pull out a whole stack to read the titles. I enjoyed that Agatha Cristie.

Ilix said...

I also have swap envy.....those are great skeins! Can't wait to see the Dracula colour.

silly sarahs said...

That Dress Lodger book is awesome I read it a couple years ago

ponyknit said...

Lovely yarn! I need to get in on some of these themed clubs!
Cute pup!
I almost bought Memory Keepers Daughter last night. Decided to buy it once I read something I have in my pile first. Heard it's good.