Thursday, May 08, 2008

Takin' care of business

You should run. Jog. Skip. Anything that gets you quickly to the bookstore or library to get your hands on this book! I've only read 100 pages and I'm entirely captivated!

It's about the 1930's, when the depression hit, and a college vet drop-out who joined the circus having no other choice, where he faces hardship and crueltly, and later romance.

My allergies are really acting up, causing a nasty sore throat. Ick. I was a fool, and took some "severe allergy" medicine, forgetting that it makes you drowsy, and I had a very hard time staying awake in the front row of my Prehistory class. Half way through it, I realized that I was falling alseep in the last actual class I have, an undergraduate.

Don't expect me to see the sunshine this entire week. Here's my schedule:

Classes-9:30am & 11:30am
Study for Earth System, exam III (not the final)
EXAM (such a nice prof,...huh?): 2:30pm
Work on fiction porfolio
Study for 2 Monday finals

Turn in porfolio
Study mainly on 2 Monday finals, and than other finals

FINALS: 7:30-9:30AM-Prehistory & 7-9pm-Linguistics
Study for last two finals

Tuesday-Wednesday: study & pack

FINAL: 9:45am-Western Music and Concepts

FINAL: 7:30-9:30AM- Earth Systems
Getting drunk & seeing my family

Graduation at 9AM


Monday, on...dyeing!
Doing whatever I want!

Because I don't want to bore you all week, here's some cute of some of my past hammies:

Kit. (or "kit-kat" or Joe's version, "Twitch.")

Missy. Eating. What else?

Also, some "pictures of pictures" in B&W. I love that syle for hammies.
They sleep in the weirdest positions sometimes.

They once ran away, and I found Tunip sleeping soundly in a shoe on one of the basement stairs! I still have no clue how I spotted that!

Yes, we are both musicians.

I see you.

Sniffing. He looks like such the puff-ball.


Bobbi said...

Goodness, you'll be a busy girl! Good luck with all of the finals.

Katie said...

I feel you on the finals. Being sick/having allergies during them is worse- get better!