Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boy do I have a lot of news...

First of all, yahoo! My yarn arrived today! That was fast. It's such a wonderful feeling when you get a little white slip of paper telling you that you have a package, in the mailbox! I unwrapped one of the skeins from the package, and the yarn indeed is stretchy, like elastic. These should make one heck of a tanktop. The colors are "African Violet" and "Jade" from It's made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastic. Let's just say that there is enough elastic!
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I was also experimenting today with some cabled leaves with knitpick's cotton shine yarn. What do you think? I like it, but I would modify a few things. I was thinking about adding a trunk and taking out the botton left leaf. This isn't the same one as the "leaves and branches" tanktop idea I had.
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Also.... do you remember this guy? Well, I dragged him out of his little WIP pile, and finished it up! He's 100% simple and 100% generic and 100% plain. I love it though! For my next socks, i'm planning on doing something totally not plain.
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Yarn: wool-ease in turqouis. Half a skein or less per sock
Needles: Size 4 DPNS
CO: 48 stitches
Ribbing: 2x2
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Now on to the second one, right?

Lastly, I just wrote up "grafting 101" just a minute ago. It's posted just below this one. Have fun. :)


Ilix said...

Way to knit up a storm :D
Rockin' socks.... everyone needs plain socks, and your's are handknit!!!! YAY!

KnittingHawkeye said...

hehehe I really like the cabling pattern, but I agree with you, get rid of the large leaf at the bottom it looks strange. You need to try size 2 needles for socks. . . .you can make finer & softer socks =P
anyways, 21 days tomorrow until I'm back in the Midwest. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously will be kissing the ground. . . . =/

KnittingHawkeye said...

how soft is the yarn that arrived?
interesting colour choice. =P
btw, thinner yarn did appear, but you won't use it!

Unknown said...

I love teh colour of the socks, as well as teh tutorial! now I can be a pro at grafting:).
Also I would like to comment on your song! it is very beautiful and professional!

Knitting Up A Storm said...

thanks :) i'm glad you liked it.