Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mom's Birthday "Sculptor's Song" Raglan....OR, "My First Raglan Sweater"

So, ok... my mom's birthday is March 10th. I have a long way till the due date. However, I'm pleased with my speedy progress. I guess watching several Smallville episodes really helps the time fly. As a dummy, I later realize that i've used this pattern before... in my designer bag. Ha ha. I felt so stupid. I was going to use a cooler one, with cabled hearts and twists inbetween, but i've never done cabeling backwards. I didn't know for sure if the twists worked out right if I worked from the last row all the way to the first row. However, someone told me that it would. Unfortunately, I already started this pattern.

I know i'll end up wanting this sweater for my own (it's evil of me thinking that she might shrink it by accidnent and give it back for me). I'm exited, though, to hear of her reaction, when she gets a package in the mail, and opens it up to find a sweater! I just got into sweaters the last 2 months. This one is my third. I hope she loves it enough to wear it around once and a while. I swear, she never wears her alpaca socks or mittens. Nor her scarf ("it's too fuzzy,... it gets in my mouth"). I might confiscate it if she never ever wears it!

What do you think? Does the design look ok like that in the middle? Maybe it will look even better when I keep increasing.

I was thinking about doing longer sleeves, like to the elbows, but i'm not sure anymore. I have this really cool turleneck that has a little sleeves with a small puff... and they look awesome.
My mom might like the longer sleeves though... grrr.

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Ilix said...

Hey pal! I think that it looks straight, but the ede of the cable is curling, and that could be what is throwing you off!

Way to go!!! I can't wait to see it done! I must swatch!