Monday, July 30, 2007

Yowzers! It's gonna be hard to choose!

Hey everyone! Thanks a bunch for participating in my first annual "Name That Colorway" Contest! It was really awesome seeing you all spew out names like that, when my brain froze on this skein. I was laughing hard with every new candy entry.... there were so many of them! SO, do you wanna see all of the enteries? Make sure I got this right...I checked several times to make sure I didn't leave anyone out. (Sorry, all those after the closing of the contest couldn't be admitted....):

-Koi Pond (Diana)
-Sunset Lake (Michelle)
-Sugar Rush (Jill)
-Everlasting Gobstopper (Liz)
-Cotton Candy (Trek & Laural)--not in to win contest...right?!
-Kindergarden Daze (Stephieface)
-Jawbreaker (Sarah)
-Sherbert Delight (Alison)
-The Evening Storm (Kate)
-Aurora Borealis (Laurie)
-Sex on the Beach & Long Island Tea (Cass)[referred several times]
-Bertie Botts (Jennie A.)
-Freesia Fields (Alana)
-Punky Brewster (Megan)
-QuinceaƱera (Diana)--[referred]
-Carnival (She'saCrafty One)
-Candy Cotton at the Country Fair (Alaina)
-Sugar Pixies (Jen. C)
-Tutti-Frutti (Debbear 62)
-Birthday Cake (Megan)-[referred]
-My Imaginary Friend (5elementknitr)

There were a lot of people learning about this contest through Cass' blog. I know a Cassie in blogland (the adventures of Cassie), but I'm pretty sure that she didn't mention my contest... so I was wondering who is this Cass? lol. She's not even on the list! She should have had like 4-5 goes! lol.

So, the moment of truth! I guess you'll have to wait a tiny bit on this one. I'll post later today after really thinking hard on the 3 best ones. It's going to be a challage because there are so many names that you gave me that I would use! So come back soon and check out the 3 top runners!


Anonymous said...

Cass -

She's hysterical.

DAWN said...

Not that you asked or are looking for votes, but it reminds me of a kiddie color so I think "cotton candy" fits it best. Those were some creative names!

Cass said...

How funny! I couldn't come up with anything more clever than what you already got in the comments. All I could come up with were names of liquor drinks. Sex on the Beach does't really work, but Long Island Tea might. I really like Aurora Borealis myself. Can't wait to see what wins!
love, CASS

yakiduk said...

I tried to vote for Tutti-Fruitti, but I didn't see any numbers change. I went to vote at a 14 count for "TF" and afterward it was the same! Did I do something wrong?

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Did you try "refreshing" the page? There is an option to change your vote too... try that if refreshing doesn't work. Another option (which should only apply to cases like this)try another computer.