Monday, July 30, 2007

Yowzers! It's gonna be hard to choose!

Hey everyone! Thanks a bunch for participating in my first annual "Name That Colorway" Contest! It was really awesome seeing you all spew out names like that, when my brain froze on this skein. I was laughing hard with every new candy entry.... there were so many of them! SO, do you wanna see all of the enteries? Make sure I got this right...I checked several times to make sure I didn't leave anyone out. (Sorry, all those after the closing of the contest couldn't be admitted....):

-Koi Pond (Diana)
-Sunset Lake (Michelle)
-Sugar Rush (Jill)
-Everlasting Gobstopper (Liz)
-Cotton Candy (Trek & Laural)--not in to win contest...right?!
-Kindergarden Daze (Stephieface)
-Jawbreaker (Sarah)
-Sherbert Delight (Alison)
-The Evening Storm (Kate)
-Aurora Borealis (Laurie)
-Sex on the Beach & Long Island Tea (Cass)[referred several times]
-Bertie Botts (Jennie A.)
-Freesia Fields (Alana)
-Punky Brewster (Megan)
-QuinceaƱera (Diana)--[referred]
-Carnival (She'saCrafty One)
-Candy Cotton at the Country Fair (Alaina)
-Sugar Pixies (Jen. C)
-Tutti-Frutti (Debbear 62)
-Birthday Cake (Megan)-[referred]
-My Imaginary Friend (5elementknitr)

There were a lot of people learning about this contest through Cass' blog. I know a Cassie in blogland (the adventures of Cassie), but I'm pretty sure that she didn't mention my contest... so I was wondering who is this Cass? lol. She's not even on the list! She should have had like 4-5 goes! lol.

So, the moment of truth! I guess you'll have to wait a tiny bit on this one. I'll post later today after really thinking hard on the 3 best ones. It's going to be a challage because there are so many names that you gave me that I would use! So come back soon and check out the 3 top runners!
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