Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Birthday Giveaway Pattern!

It's my birthday today! I am grateful for many things, and so I'd like to celebrate with gifting you lovely knitters my favorite fingerless mitten design:

Also, ALL other KUAS Designs patterns are 33% off. Why that odd number? I'm not saying why... SHH!!
No coupon needed. Discount taken automatically at the checkout process. Reedemable only today until midnight CT. :) 
Have a lovely day!

Monday, December 03, 2018

FO: Christmas Project Bag #1

It's December 3rd! Can you believe it? I can't! We have one of the two trees up and I have yet to decorate the outside of the house because it keeps snowing.

Since it's officially December, I figured I would share some Christmas project bags that I sewed early this November. This was my first pull-string project bag (and Christmas bag) made, and the process went smoothly. Win, Win.
The 12'' x 14.5'' size is just right for shawls, hats, mittens, light-weight sweaters, etc. I have been squeezing in my flax sweater for twin B in there, but with the two yarn hanks inside, it's a little snug.
The fabric is festive and playful with a hint of glitter, so it's fun to have this around during the holiday season. Since the fabric was a little busy, I decide to go for a solid cream colored liner.

I hope you are enjoy the joys of the seasons, both in the way you celebrate and with the start-up of vlogmasses, and such. It's such a wonderful time in more than one way.

Next post: Christmas project bag #2 (a quilt-like pull-string bag).

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Deal and GRATITUDE

KUAS Designs is offering 50% off ALL knitting patterns WEDNESDAY 11/21 through SUNDAY 11/25 at midnight CT! Plug in the coupon code "halfoffkuas18" at the checkout at my KUAS Designs store

Your coupon will bring your price from:
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KUAS Designs is also featured here on KNIT like Granny, along with other Black Friday/Cyber Monday knitting deals on patterns, yarn and classes.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I am trying to focus my mind-set on gratitude as we approach Thursday...

I am GRATEFUL for my family, having all my basic human needs met on a daily basis, my crafting hobbies that I use as therapy, my various musical skills, having a part-time teaching career that allows me to be a full-time mom, plus YOU. I am grateful that you are here, reading and keeping up with my knitting adventures, the support I get from knitters who purchase my patterns, and for those who take the time to drop a comment in the box below. It always brightens my day. It helps me feel that I am not alone in this vast internet space. Thank you, dear reader.

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

FO: Thanksgiving "Hermione's Everyday Socks"

Project: Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder

    Needles and Yarn

    US 1 - 2.25 mm, US 1.5 - 2.5 mm

    1 skein = 400.0 yards (365.8 meters), 100 grams

    Socks are too loose. Needles might have been size US 2, not US 1.5. 
    The pattern is simple and straight forward. You can memorize the stitch texture pattern rather easily and pick up the sock after weeks of hibernating it and still know what to do.
    I chose to do a slip-stitch heel for this pair, plus a 1x1 ribbing for the cuff. That's always my go-to ribbing for sock and mitten cuffs. 

    I used yarn from a trade done years ago with Erica Lueder when I used to sell yarn. I fell in love with this colorway because it was so fall-like. I felt like this would be the perfect colorway for Thanksgiving socks.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our 50% off all KUAS Designs pattern sale for Black Friday week starts tomorrow! I'll post the details tomorrow!

    Monday, November 19, 2018

    NEW Pattern Release: the Super Bulky Hat

    Here’s a wonderfully speedy bulky hat pattern for all sizes, with handy sizing chart columns that you read vertically and a pom-pom tutorial on page 6 for your convenience. This pattern is wonderful for those last-minute gifts that need to be knit up, whether it’s for a baby shower, a Christmas present, or just needing a quick knit when the weather gets chilly!

    I spent a long time test knitting my own pattern to have numerous sizes! It all started with my son Sam requesting a Christmas hat (which I accidentally knitted the adult version first).

    0-6 months: 5.5’’/14 cm long; 6.5’’/16.5cm wide
    6-12 months: 6.25’’/15cm long; 7’’/18cm wide
    12-24 months: 6.75’’/17cm long; 7.75’’/20cm wide
    2-5 years: 7.25’’/18cm long; 8.5’’/21.5cm wide
    6-12 years: 8.25’’/21 cm long; 9.25’’/23.5cm wide
    Teen/Adult XS: 9’’/23cm long; 9.75’’/25cm wide
    Adult S/M: 9.25’’/23.5cm long; 10.25’’/26cm wide
    Adult L/XL: 9.5’’/24cm long; 10.75’’/27cm wide

    From left to right: size 0-6 mos, size 6-12 mos, 12-24 mos
    From left to right: size 6-12 yrs, 6-12 yrs, Adult S/M

    YARN: Super Bulky (6WPI) yarn
    0-6 months: 38yds/67g (plus 10-12g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    6-12 months: 45yds/75g (plus 10-12g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    12-24 months 50yds/80g (plus 10-12g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    2-5 years: 52yds/85g (plus 10-12g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    6-12 years: 68yds/110g (plus 15g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    Teen/Adult XS: 85yds/140g (plus 15g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)
    Adult S/M: 90yds/145 (plus 15g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom
    Adult L/XL: 100yds/165g, plus 15g of worsted weight yarn for pom-pom)

    NEEDLES: Set of 5 dpns, or 1 long circular needles in sizes US 10 (6mm) and US 11 (8mm) needles

    NOTIONS: Beginning of rd st marker, darning needle, sharp scissors, and (optional) Clover Pom-Pom maker (Size 46mm /Yellow=medium; Size 65mm/green=large)

    I hope you have a wonderful start to the week! I will be announcing the Black Friday week deal very shortly!

    Sunday, November 11, 2018

    Copycat Fringe Supply "Field Bag"

    Friends, I don't know about you, but I caught the "Field Bag" project bag bug from constantly seeing knitters show off their bag on my Instagram feed.

    I looked up these supposed bags online at the Fringe Supply Co., and they are priced at $65, not including shipping! Yikes! (They are really well made, I'm sure they are worth the cost, but I'm too cheap to spend over 70 bucks to ship one to my door.) The maker in me accepted the challenge to find material similar to the original Toffee version (and others) and voila! A really close copycat version! Thanks Joann Fabrics!
    ^^ LEFT column photos coypright:

    Photos on the left column are the original bags, and photos on the right column are my re-creation. Aside from the lighting in the photos, and a couple of subtle differences such as width in strap, the label and minute differences in dimensions, I have to say it is really close! I added a "KUAS" tag so it wasn't naked in the front. Heck, I even folded the bag and ironed the vertical crease and included pockets in the inside because you have to have the little details if you are going to go all out anyways!
     I am very pleased with this bag. I will be creating more in the future, but I still have to work on another Christmas project bag before it gets too late in November.
    Not bad for not having a pattern. I have made bags in the past, and took those templates and made the bottom boxier for this one. My one gripe was that after changing my sewing needles out for the "heavy duty" ones, because I was using canvas fabric AND thicker thread, the machine kept eating the fabric and kinking up the thread and I must have re-threaded that machine 30 times (and unpicked dozens of stitches) before I realized that I inserted the needle in the wrong direction, and that does make a difference in performance!!
    My next bag will have a "webbing" strap and slightly thinner rope for the pull-string. I'm a happy knitter! Have a great weekend!

    Thursday, November 08, 2018

    WIP: Beacon Hill Scarf--Shortie Version

    A long, long while back, I casted on for a aqua/teal version of my Beacon Hill Scarf with some leftover yarn from my stash. The yarn I used for the original scarf was so silky and squishy, that the texture didn't "pop" as well as I would have liked it to.
    This version will actually be a "shortie" version that doesn't wrap around the neck twice.

    I love the "little tents" that pop out among the garter stitch. It's a very unique stitch texture that looks great vertically or horizontally.

    Needles: US 9 (5.5mm)
    Yarn: I'm not even sure. I have lost the band years ago.

    Guys, can I just point out that my nails were painted for this picture? I NEVER paint my nails. Between the stubby nails as a stay-at-home mom AND being a pianist, there are always in the nude. Aw, this makes me want to paint them again. Too bad they chip almost immediately, no matter how great the brand or no-chip gaurentee is.
    I'm further allong with this scarf, but I haven't taken any new photos. I figure that I'll just post the FO later. I can devote more time to this once I get some Christmas knits out of the way.