Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sock & Name that Colorway CONTEST!

First, let's get to the "real stuff" before the CONTEST!
My finished "Candied Love" sock.
Go ahead, click on it... you can actually see the hearts this time.

Candied love: A flirtatious type of love that springs forth at the beginning of relationships. Although that love may be real, it hasn’t evolved yet into that pure & unconditional love one sees later on, one that needs no attention for his retention. So for now, here's frills & spice for show, to make sure his eyes are on you. Just you.

LoL... don't take my description too seriously. It's just supposed to be a fun & flirty pair of lace heart socks.
Pretty Saucy, huh? It almost kind of looks cooler without the other one, in the picture.
Just off the press, and in timely manner, since my hands were starting to really stick to the metal needles. I completely hate that feeling. I've got a deadline of one week to finish up the other sock, and Joe's UFO. Then I can take a cooler picture with him in it. The sock needs a guy in it... what do you think?

Now onto the Contest!
I just dyed another skein, because....well, just because I'm crazy enough to do another one soo soon.
However, I was having the hardest time trying to come up with a name for this one.
Then it hit me.

I thought that it would be fun to have a colorway naming contest, since the colors are pretty funky together.
It's up to you, oh faithful commenter-friends & lurkers, to come up with the perfect (and jazzy) name for this one.
It's a hard one... what goes with lilac, sky blue, periwinkle, silver, salmon, pink & white?
The winner gets fame & glory on the winner's post....and this skein! Freebies are always good, right? Yeah, I should probably get some crackers to go with all this cheesyness.

1. First, come up with the perfect colorway name. Jokesters might gain extra merit, as long as it's to good humor. Post on THIS post's comment page ONLY!! Thanks. :)
2. Post these rules on your blog & your colorway idea. That way, no one will use something like it, by mere freak accident. Who ever finds out about this contest on your blog must refer you on this comment page below, before participating in the contest. (This is kind of like Lotus' Knits contest idea. But we will use a poll too...)
-->If you see your name (or blog address) on my comment page below, you can add another colorway name idea! The more referals for you, the better! Good luck to you all!
3. The top 3 best names will be put on a poll, so you all can vote!
4. Contest ends: Sunday, July 29th @ midnight!

So, the sooner you comment, the better chance you have of getting another go. lol.
Feel free to copy & paste the rules. No use in typing it all over again.

So far, we have:
-Koi Pond (Diana)
-Sunset Lake (Michelle)
-Sugar Rush (Jill)
-Everlasting Gobstopper (Liz)
-Cotton Candy (Trek & Laural)--not in to win contest
-Kindergarden Daze (Stephieface)
-Jawbreaker (Sarah)
-Sherbert Delight (Alison)
-The Evening Storm (Kate)
-Aurora Borealis (Laurie)
-Bertie Botts (Jennie A.)
-Freesia Fields (Alana)
-Punky Brewster (Megan)
-Quinceañera (Diana)--[referred]
-Carnival (She'saCrafty One)
-Candy Cotton at the Country Fair (Alaina)
-Sugar Pixies (Jen. C)
-Tutti-Frutti (Debbear 62)
-Birthday Cake (Megan)-[referred]
-My Imaginary Friend (5elementknitr)

----CONTEST CLOSED! (as of midnight)-------


Anonymous said...

Hi! I think I found your blog through Craftster some time ago and have never commented... I figure why not come out of lurkerdom and enter your contest?

I'm naming it Koi Pond. I guess it was the orange and white that reminded me of the fish initially and the rest of the colors just fit--the different blues are like water and the pink is the lotus blossum... I always associate koi with lotus flowers.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Diana- that's an great name for it! I never thought of that! :)

Michelle Shaffer said...

Oh Cool! I would like to try! How about calling it sunset lake? I was thinking that, because of the pinks, red and violet over the blue.

I was also wondering if you were planning on posting the pattern for those socks, Candied love? They are so pretty! I like how the they stipe that way with the white color.


Jill said...

I'd like to name it "Sugar Rush", because the colors remind me of my favorite candy--Nerds!

So let me get this straight, I just copy your post/the contest rules and post it to my blog, right? Just making sure I'm not misunderstanding, because I just had surgery and I'm on pain meds right now... lol.

KnittingHawkeye said...

Well, I'm going for Everlasting Gobstopper because it reminds of the ones from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. . . .damn me and my love of Tim Burton & Johnny Depp. Btw. . . .it doesn't look like the koi pond in my parents pond in Rockford =P
Anyways, did you see my yarn I plied? weee!!!

KnittingHawkeye said...

btw, I'm going to be posting Molly Weasely on my etsy tomorrow. =) I think you may like it

KnittingHawkeye said...

yep I got the roving at the festival. It's a lot roughter than merino, it's a blend of some sort. Not a very soft one at that. I just spun & plied my spunky eclectic merino also. =)

sheep#100 said...

Just tossing in a name but not entering the contest - Cotton Candy.

Stephieface said...

After much consideration I decided to suggest "Kindergarden Daze" because it looks like the colors of a child's drawing, but also the same colors that children wear, and yet also the colors of the madness that children make naturally in your head.

Laural said...

I was totally thinking cotton candy too!

Not entering the contest here but I will vote! I love your socks!

KnittingHawkeye said...

I have a proposition for you. . . . you'll make money from it. . . . =P

It's about my yarn & your designs. I'll message you on facebook tonight

Sarah said...

Hmmm...I'd like to name it Jawbreakers, because ever color can be found in the never-ending candies!

Jill said...

Everyone keeps suggesting candy-related names! I guess it's because this yarn is so SWEET!

LOL I'll quit with the lame puns now, hehe.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Yowzers.. there are a lot of candy names! lol. That's not a bad thing! Oh Jill, you're so SWEET yourself! :)

Sarah said...

Could also be we have sweets on the brain:)

Knitting Up A Storm said...

ha ha ha-- tis true, tis true! I could go for a package of starburst right now. lol.

Laural said...

Ok I just have to share this story.

Once upon a time Aunt Lydias made this awesome colorway in their baby denim yarn called Jellybean. However because it was variegated my mother an I always called it Jellybean Sick.

The End.

Anonymous said...

Lurker here coming out of lurkdom to give my 2 cents. Sherbet Delight is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.

Anonymous said...

The yarn is so pretty. I found your blog from Diana. I think a great name for it would be "Evening Storm." The sky is so beautiful before it storms and during the evening. Those colors just remind me of it so well.

Anonymous said...

My webpage link didn't show up..sorry.

It's mustkeepknitting.wordpress.com

Laurie said...

Hi. I'm de-lurking to add my colorway name to the mix. When I first saw the fiber, I thought of the aurora borealis (IPA /ɔˈɹɔɹə bɔɹiˈælɪs/), named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. Thus, my name would be: Aurora Borealis.
The swirls of color winding and coming back on itself...mmmm, a joy to knit.
Laurie L.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'd like to try before it ends! How about "Bertie Botts" Because it seems like there is a little of everything. It is very candy-like.

-Jennie A.

Anonymous said...

If we can still submit more than one name, I also thought "Dusk" and "Light Show" would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Here's another entry--Quinceañera. The pink reminded me of the traditional color of the Quinceañera dress... and the rest of the colors are just festive!

Thanks so much for the dyeing tips--I'll be sure to check out the Jaquard dyes after I finish experimenting with KoolAid!

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that yarn... Punky Brewster. Reminds me of that fabulous bedroom of hers with the flower cart bed and painted shades. My mother would never let me redecorate my room like hers.

Alana said...

This is the first time I've viewed your blog--Cass mentioned it on hers, so I decided to stop by. My suggestion for the color name of your yarn is Freesia Fields.

My first thought when I saw it was that it reminded me of the true, fresh colors of flowers, and some of the beautiful shade of Freesia, in particular.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be rude. I hate to ask this too. Was my comment with "Light Show" and "Dusk" overlooked. I just saw that you updated it, and those weren't on there.

Anonymous said...

Jen left this on my blog instead of yours, I think I confused her.

Jen C said...
PC answer Sugar Pixies, first thought answer Pixies on Acid. :-}

July 29, 2007 5:33 PM

Michele said...


Knitting Up A Storm said...

Kate- I didn't add your second go at it because to add another entry, you had to be referred first (almost like being tagged). I updated the others first because it was their first go. And one other person got their on the list because they were referred by someone else...that means that someone else saw this contest on their blog and came here to play. I think I explain it better on my post better than in this comment, I hope.
Sorry if you thought I left you out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Sorry I didn't read the instructions well!

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Note taken about Jen. I just sent her a message to post her entry here, as well as the rules on her blog... so everyone goes through the same thing. :) I'm trying to be as fair as I can! :)

Alaina said...

Hi - I am coming over from Cass' blog...

My suggestion is a combination of two colors listed here (honest I had it in mind before I read the comments)

My suggestions is "Cotton Candy at the County Fair" because the pinks and light blue reminds me of the cotton candy -and all the other colors remind me of the kaleidscope of colors you see at the Fair...the brightly clothed children, exhibits, ribbons, sunshine...balloons...it's all there...

Thanks for giving us a chance to offer a name. Happy knitting.

Jen C said...

Ok I am only slightly twinked. I posted to Megan's page, because of that. Name the colorway - My socially correct pick is Sugar Pixie, my first thought that popped was Pixies on Acid though. Assuming my monitor colors are not totally off....

Anonymous said...

Tutti-Frutti - it looks like lots of candy thrown together.

Anonymous said...

Oooh oooh a second entry - I have a bazillion now that I've had time to think. I totally agree about the colors reminding me of childhood. So how about Birthday Cake. You know, the kind with confetti sprinkles and so much icing and decoration that you can hardly see the actual frosting underneath. Yum.

5elementknitr said...

I saw the contest at Tangled Up in Knots blog.

My name for the colorway is My Imaginary Friend. That's what my husband calls my blog "friends".

ponyknit said...

Hey, I found you from Cass' blog!

I would choose "Summers' Electric Lightning". It has so much brightness and then the lavender ties it together.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Sorry guys.. i can't take any more names! The contest closed at midnight.