Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fiber Fair & Dyes

I had an amazing (& Spoiling) weekend already. On Friday, I went to the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair and came back with quite a few items! I had to leave once my bank account was pretty drained... but, I got some wool on clearance, several roving balls, lots of jacquard dyes, Brittany needles (in the short sock sizes), a tee-shirt, an alpaca plush (I love him!! eh, man did I buckle.), and a cute sheep tape-measurer that i've been wanting for ages. I just got my ball winder that came in the mail the other day, and have been winding up everything into pretty balls with wonderful center pulls! I got the 7th Harry Potter book, and more yarn came in the mail today! Yowzers!

Of course, I had to plunge into dyeing with the new dyes:

I call this one "Fairy Cove." I absolutely love it... and have plans for it already. There is periwinkle, lilac, the brownish-olive & silver. I also plan on making a similar one, but with green instead of the brownish-olive tone, and calling it "Fairy Garden." I should start a fairy collection!

This is my interpretation on "Ginny Weasley." It looks so pretty! I'm going to have a HP night sometime when I get back to Iowa and knit up my Gryffindor & Ginny Weasley socks. The skein contains: salmon, silver, fusia, lighter fusia & once again that olive-brown.

This one was pretty cool too. I named it "Midnight Sanctuary." There's black, sky blue, mixed greens to try to make seagreen & teal. (Man do I love teal.)

KNITTING UPDATE: Now that I got a little out of my system, I can focus more on my candied love socks again. I'm working on the gusset at the moment.
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