Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Unbreakable Yarn Swift

UPDATED with action shots!Of course I HAD to try it out! I had some extra lace-weight yarn that I decided to dye up.
And yes, this would be the 5th skein I dyed in 3ish days!
I call this "September," Because there is a light green, dark green & Gold!
Monday= the adventure of making a yarn swift. (well ok, my Dad made just about 98% of it, and I just sanded it and stained everything...).

It's made out of oak, which makes the grains look really pretty. We still need to spray on gloss tomorrow, to give it that extra kick. I hinted to my dad a few weeks ago about needing one of these, and how much of a waste of money $100 is for something so simple... I even gave him different pictures of yarn swifts. There are so many out there! I found one that looked like mine, but was a little simpler, without sanding & stain. My dad thinks putting a CD disk in between the wood is "underneath" his capabilities... so he found his own way of doing the middle. There's even rubber ends on the bottom to make it stay put!
However, I think he finally got the true hint THEN when I was winding 3 skeins off of the back of my rolling chair. (However, just to let you know, if you wrap all of the rollers with saran wrap, and place the seat on a table, it works great if you don't have the means to getting a yarn swift!! )
Isn't she purdy?? I told my dad that he could sell these babies! It is so heavy-duty, it puts those collapsible swifters (with those "up to 6 pds" or whatever capacity) to shame! It's not really collapsible, except the pegs, but it can take some hefty yarn bulk!

The measurement is probably totally different from most swifts; it's probably is a lot wider too. That's a good thing though. We like versatility.
1st pegs: 4 feet
2nd pegs: 5 feet
3rd pegs: 6 feet
4th pegs: 7 feet
5th pegs: 8 feet

You can also adust the pegs how you want, even moving one further or closer to the middle, and it wouldn't throw the whole thing off, since you are just taking it off the swift, and basically folding it in half. I can picture myself using the 3rd peg a lot. That is the circumfrance that my latest skeins had.

Put your orders in now. lol. j/k. I really like this color... is it alright on your eyes? I think i'm gonna use it more often!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! i really like the new skein! Hopefully theres no more need for your chair in wrapping up the yarn :)

Macoco said...

Beautiful yarn! And that swift is awesome.

Ilix said...

nice!! I was told that someone would make me a yarn swift..... sigh, guess I should do it myself!

Cindiluhu (Freezebabee) said...

Your lucky your dad is so handy!

Chelsea said...

I am going to get my boyfriend to make me one similar to yours. It probably won't be as pretty as yours, but since he works at a hardware store he can get all the stuff cheap. It makes him feel all manly if I let him build stuff for me.

Actually I may just do it myself!