Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Candied Love" Progress & Birch

The air's on, so needles out!

I casted on my "Candied Love" pattern and got 2 repeats done. It's only around 4 inches of heart repeats, so i'll do another repetition before the heel. Although you all might complain that you can't see the lacey hearts in the picture, it's not entirely due to my crummy camera's focus incapability this time. I planned on the purple-red-white variegation mixed in with an overloaded dose of lace within the heart. That was intentional. (Hence, "candied," just like the flirty and non-purity of love at the beginning of relationships...when it's all for show.) If you still don't understand what the heck I'm talking about, just think of the beginning of relationships & that boyfriend/girlfriend who always wrote "I love you" with all the little frilly hearts around it, after a only a few days of dating.
Close up:

And yes, this pattern would be wonderful in a nice pure red skein, but then it's not "candied." It's just "hearted."

Of course, this blog wouldn't be complete without another dyed skein...
Some double trouble action of my "Candied Love" yarn. Pretty close in colorway, huh?

Here's "Birch." It looks as though it will be a wonderful skein for nature socks. Maybe I need to go camping sometime, to have an excuse to knit these up sooner.

Ok, so remember how I moaned about this skein earlier? Well, it turns out that rewinding works wonders!
"Celebration" has a whole new zing to it!


Anonymous said...

Your Candied Love pattern is so very, very beautiful - it looks perfect with these colors! And all this yarn - yummy! Just looking at those colorways cheered me up considerably - thanks for that!

Macoco said...

Candied Love is beautiful!

KnittingHawkeye said...

I'll take birch then instead of Irish Spring

Nice pattern also, I have the perfect red yarn for it. It's Cherry Tree & rediculously springy, scary actually. I just ordered more yarn and need to REALLY update my etsy store. =/

KnittingHawkeye said...

There are people who have sold more "HP" inspired yarn than me. If they want to sue someone they can sue them first.